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Let's Talk Fish - Weekly show talking all things fishing anchored by Bryan Thrift, Matt Arey, and Jeff Walsh.

Jan 2, 2019

Most memorable moments of 2018 and a Sam Rayburn preview.

Growing up on the water with fishing in their blood, Matt Arey and Bryan Thrift have spent the last ten years competing against the biggest names in professional bass fishing. Their success has landed them ranked among the top anglers in the world. If you're looking to become a better angler then this show has all the answers. Join us and follow along to get actionable tips, tactics, and tried and true techniques directly from the pros. Welcome to Let's Talk Fish.

Matt Arey: Alright, guys. We are back in studio. Happy New Year.

Bryan Thrift: What's up?

Matt Arey: Happy New Year to everybody.

Bryan Thrift: Yes, Happy New Years, everyone.

Matt Arey: Merry Christmas. We didn't get to tell anyone Merry Christmas.

Bryan Thrift: No, we didn't. We missed Christmas, but we made it for New Year's.

Matt Arey: I'm not gonna be able to take you seriously-

Bryan Thrift: Yep. Peep the flat bill. Let's go ahead, get it out in the open. Fitzgerald Rods flat bill. Starting a new year with a flat bill that probably not gonna end with it, but I'm gonna start with it.

Matt Arey: You need to wear it in your first tournament.

Bryan Thrift: First tournament flat bill.

Matt Arey: If you roll out and you win the tournament, you gonna be wearing it the rest of the year. Like the intro, thanks Chris, and thanks, Jeff.

Bryan Thrift: Yes, Jeff. That was an excellent job on the-

Jeff Walsh: Do you know how hard it is to put an intro with almost no content?

Matt Arey: We could've used that as our trivia question tonight. We could've said, "Whose voice is that narrating the new intro video?"

Bryan Thrift: I don't know.

Matt Arey: I wonder if anybody could've guessed that.

Jeff Walsh: Well the thing was I sent it out to like five different people, like professionals, it just didn't sound right so. I just laid it down for 'em like I wanted it and [crosstalk 00:01:38]

Matt Arey: Can't get it done right, do it yourself, right? So that is What is Bryan Wearing?

Bryan Thrift: Everybody loves the flat bill.

Matt Arey: That is a flat bill. Bryan Thrift is wearing a flat bill.

Bryan Thrift: I want all of y'all to know this is the very first time in my life I've ever worn a flat bill hat. I feel like I wear it pretty well.

Matt Arey: Whatever. No comment. Intro was good. I hope y'all do like the new intro. I was pretty jacked when Jeff sent it to me, and it took me a minute, and I listened to it and I said, "Wait a minute. I think that's Jeff's voice."

Bryan Thrift: That's what I thought.

Matt Arey: What was awesome was when I was in the back room with all the technology spread is, his computer spread back there, and he was-

Jeff Walsh: I'll bust out my spread one day. I'll show everybody where the magic happens one day.

Matt Arey: Jeff was asking me. He said well what do you think about this? And he went through it and instead of me reading it or something like that, he was doing it in his radio voice. But while he was doing it, he was like-

Bryan Thrift: Throw in the body language.

Matt Arey: He had to do it with his hands. Hey, lovin' Let's Talk Fish. It's not near as funny when I do it as when Jeff does it.

Bryan Thrift: No, it was not. I've already seen a question about ... Let me see where it was at.

Matt Arey: Not a good look, Thrifty. Was that the one?

Bryan Thrift: There's a lotta comments on the flat bill. Yeah, it's the flat bill. Anyways. About the frog. I've already seen a comment on that.

Matt Arey: What frog?

Bryan Thrift: From Alan Roberts, our frog question we posed to all of y'all to kind of determine the winner of Myth or Not a Myth.

Matt Arey: Myth or Not a Myth.

Bryan Thrift: Yes. Myth or Not a Myth. And Alan Roberts says he trimmed one leg on a frog. Didn't see a change. So-

Matt Arey: But I bet Alan Roberts can already walk a frog regardless. That's not who it's geared towards.

Bryan Thrift: Did you get on our page and see the votes to see what won? Could you tell us who the winner is please?

Jeff Walsh: Jesse Stanley said Fish Bone Thugs and Harmony.

Bryan Thrift: Ay. Don't knock Bone Thugs. I used to rock 'em in the 90s.

Matt Arey: Yeah, I think Travis did say ... He said did Thrift really say that. Travis I do think Thrift said, "Peep da flat bill."

Bryan Thrift: I didn't say peep. Surely.

Matt Arey: You said, "I'm peepin' the flat bill."

Bryan Thrift: No.

Matt Arey: Yeah. I'm pretty sure you said.

Bryan Thrift: I said rockin' the flat bill.

Matt Arey: I think you said peep.

Bryan Thrift: Or wearing. I didn't say peep the flat bill. I know I didn't say that.

Matt Arey: Just because more people on the poll agreed with Thrift doesn't mean that it's right.

Jeff Walsh: 123-85.

Matt Arey: 123-85.

Bryan Thrift: In whose favor?

Jeff Walsh: Myth.

Matt Arey: It is a myth or not a myth?

Jeff Walsh: Is a myth.

Matt Arey: 123 said it is a myth. 85 said it's not a myth.

Jeff Walsh: Yes.

Bryan Thrift: So I am the winner-

Matt Arey: Well I just got into the 123 people-

Jeff Walsh: And then Savage Adam added and got 8 votes that it's physics.

Matt Arey: Exactly. It's all about the physics. It's common-

Bryan Thrift: So I'm the winner?

Matt Arey: No. 123 people just found out they're wrong.

Bryan Thrift: No, it's a myth. It's a myth. I am the winner.

Jeff Walsh: There's always two ways to look at somethin'.

Bryan Thrift: By a landslide. You sound like you want to do a recount. Do you want to do a vote recount?

Matt Arey: I have to look down. When you're talking to me tonight, I gotta look down. I can't look at you. I mean am I lying, Jeff? I mean look at him.

Jeff Walsh: I think it's awesome.

Bryan Thrift: You can't take your eyes off of me. Don't like, Matt.

Matt Arey: Yeah, that's what it is. Alright. Let's see. Tonight's topics. We have a Sam Rayburn preview that we'll get into a little bit later. But let's talk about, and we want to hear y'all's, your most memorable moments of 2018.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah.

Matt Arey: Bryan and I are gonna share our top three.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, we'll start with our top three. Then let's hear some of y'all's.

Matt Arey: Yeah, I demand a recount. Thanks, Bill. I demand a recount.

Bryan Thrift: There's no need.

Matt Arey: Alright so-

Bryan Thrift: It was by like a 30% margin. So that's a landslide. In politics anyway.

Matt Arey: It's simple physics. Alright, Bryan. Number one on your list.

Bryan Thrift: My stand is falling-

Matt Arey: Number three on your list. We'll do a countdown. Number three on your list. We'll go 3 2 1.

Bryan Thrift: Number three on my list?

Matt Arey: Most memorable moment of 2018. And it's been a heck of a year.

Bryan Thrift: It was a good year. 2018 was a great year. My third most memorable moment was winning the Angler of the Year in the Southeast coast of series this year. 'Cause it happened at [Santee 00:06:09], that was the last event of the year. We had to go to Cumberland the very next ... Like I had to leave straight from Santee, drive to Cumberland, miss a day of practice, and I ...

Matt Arey: I knew you had to throw that in there. Mr. [inaudible 00:06:20] still won a tournament.

Bryan Thrift: I almost threw a fish back at Santee just so I wouldn't miss a day of practice and Cumberland. If ... Somebody said, "You know you're gonna win Angler of the Year?" I was like oh really, that's awesome. He's like, "Yeah, I think Wes Logan was in second." If I would've thrown one back, Wes would have won. I kept my fish and won Angler of the Year.

Matt Arey: Poor Wes. You should've thrown one.

Bryan Thrift: No.

Matt Arey: Should've tossed one. No, Brock. Your eyes are absolutely perfect. Let's see. Vernon said bring [inaudible 00:06:56] flat bill. That's awesome.

Bryan Thrift: Let's see I told you to-

Matt Arey: Kyle, I'm with you, dude. I'm with you, brother.

Bryan Thrift: I can't even look at- [crosstalk 00:07:05]

Matt Arey: I'm either been lookin' down or lookin' at y'all. Or lookin' at Jeff.

Bryan Thrift: Hey. The flat bill has done what it's designed to do. Make people talk about it. That was what it was designed to do.

Matt Arey: Hurt people's eyes. Make 'em blind. Alright. Let's see. My number three.

Bryan Thrift: Number three for Matt.

Matt Arey: Number three was my daughter turning one. My youngest daughter, our second daughter, our last child, we ... That's our plan, anyway. Turning one year old this year. That was pretty special 'cause time flies, and Bryan you'll find out pretty soon that you blink and your kids are grown up, but I mean I have a six year old and a one year old now. One that's pushing two. She's actually 19 months now, but they're everything to me. And celebrating her first birthday, being able to be home for that was very important to me. Number-

Bryan Thrift: Number two.

Matt Arey: Number two for you, Bryan.

Bryan Thrift: Alright. Number two for me, obviously, was winning Lake Cumberland tour event. That was my sixth tour [crosstalk 00:08:06]-

Matt Arey: Which just so happened to be right after-

Bryan Thrift: The week after I won Angler of the Year so. So three and two happen in kind of the same week.

Matt Arey: And we say it all the time. I know I sound like a broken record, but-

Bryan Thrift: Get on a roll.

Matt Arey: How important is momentum in our sport.

Bryan Thrift: Yes.

Matt Arey: Proof's in the pudding right there.

Bryan Thrift: Exactly.

Matt Arey: Alright. Number two for me was ... I started off, as everybody knows, typically if I start off at Okeechobee, I usually start off with a pretty darn bad finish. This year was no different. I came out of Okeechobee at like-

Bryan Thrift: We both did.

Matt Arey: I don't even remember where I finished.

Bryan Thrift: It went good.

Matt Arey: It's like 100th place or worse. I don't even want to look, but it was bad. I know I weighed in one bass the second day. I was way up in check range the first day. Like 35th place or something.

Matt Arey: Alright well going into the Harris [chain 00:08:52], which was our second event in the state of Florida, I knew that I needed to turn things around pretty quickly 'cause with a bad bomb in Okeechobee, two bombs is pretty hard to climb out of that. First day I weigh in a lousy 9lbs at Harris Chain. I'm in the 126th place. Second day, it was kind of a make or break day. That turned my whole season around. We talked about momentum a minute ago. Second day I weighed in almost 19lbs. The first fish I caught on my second cast that morning was a 6 1/2 pounder. From that moment on, it turned-

Bryan Thrift: You knew it was gonna be a good day after that.

Matt Arey: Everything flew. It was a great day. Could've been an unbelievable day until my [coiner 00:09:32] caught an 8-12 right behind me. I'm not normally we say well I probably won't catch a fish, but I was fishing a small area, a small grass bed. I was going back and forth, back and forth. But anyway, it was ... That was a turning point for my whole season and my-

Bryan Thrift: So what did you change up from day two versus day one?

Matt Arey: Same general area.

Bryan Thrift: Same area.

Matt Arey: I got a little bit more dialed in. I actually ... This is something we keep mentioning our membership site that we're gonna be launching soon which I'm very excited about because we're gonna be able to let people in on some really detailed secret-

Bryan Thrift: Specific type-

Matt Arey: Specifics.

Bryan Thrift: Grade A stuff.

Matt Arey: This is one of those specifics. As I was fishing through there the first day ... You know, I made a mistake in practice in going through this area the first day, and I don't want to get too carried away about talking about this, and I got a few bites in this area pretty quick so I kind of left it, took off, and there was some other boats. Suddenly it might be crowded during tournament. Semi-crowded during tournament. Wasn't terrible. Could've been worse. But the first day of tournament, the mistake that I made in practice was not really dialing into how the grass laid out in this area. And exactly where the holes and the ditches and different things were.

Matt Arey: Well the first day as I was fishing through there and getting bites, the sun popped out, and I would mark every channel and ditch that was in those grass beds. I had it all mapped out to where I could make those precise casts the second day, and that made all the difference in the world.

Bryan Thrift: Yes.

Matt Arey: I did make a bait change. I went to a bigger bait the second day, too.

Bryan Thrift: Which was?

Matt Arey: We might save that for a better day.

Bryan Thrift: No.

Matt Arey: It was a bigger soft plastic bait, but it has some-

Bryan Thrift: It had a worm like-

Matt Arey: It had something added to it, yep. Had a little something added to it.

Bryan Thrift: There you go.

Matt Arey: Had a little sweetness added to it. So that was my number two. Bryan, did you do your ... You did your number two. What's your number one?

Bryan Thrift: My number one most memorable moment of 2018 definitely when my second son was born. Cooper was born June 12th. Everything went great with the birth. Him, the wife were both healthy. Everybody's doing good. So that was definitely my most memorable moment.

Matt Arey: Ight so Cooper being born, absolutely. Hands down-

Bryan Thrift: Bill Williams said if I pull my hoodie up that a 7/11 will close. I don't wanna ... I guess I look like a thug.

Matt Arey: Pretty much, yeah.

Bryan Thrift: Let's try this. Where's my hood at? I can't even find it? There it is. Oh yeah.

Matt Arey: I don't-

Bryan Thrift: How's that?

Matt Arey: You're not-

Bryan Thrift: I gotta look down and squint like this.

Matt Arey: All the convenience areas in Shelby are closing. Alright. Todd Goats and his daughter committing to play softball. That's pretty awesome. Congrats, Todd. Buying land in Tennessee and starting to build a home. So I've seen Todd's ... I hadn't seen the rest of them, though.

Bryan Thrift: What?

Matt Arey: I asked people to throw in their top 3 most-

Bryan Thrift: I've seen several.

Matt Arey: Have you seen several? Okay.

Bryan Thrift: I've seen several.

Matt Arey: Well address 'em when you see 'em. I haven't-

Bryan Thrift: James [Climpack 00:12:28], he says making the tough man championship after not fishing tournaments for 20 years was one of his-

Matt Arey: Tough man championship? Oh, when he said that, I-

Bryan Thrift: I don't know if that's fightin' or fishin'. [crosstalk 00:12:40]

Matt Arey: Tough man championship.

Bryan Thrift: Either way, that's awesome.

Matt Arey: Is that like mixed martial arts? That's pretty cool. Regardless. Fishing or-

Bryan Thrift: Either way.

Matt Arey: Vernon Camp said there goes the neighborhood. There you go. Congrats, Ryan. Ryan Montgomery says his most memorable was finding out the wife's pregnant with a girl. Thrift Thuganomics.

Bryan Thrift: Thuganomics. There you go.

Matt Arey: Alright.

Bryan Thrift: All I wanna know ... I don't really wanna know, but this just like proves my point like I said earlier. The flat bill is doing its job. Everybody's lookin' at it, taking notice.

Matt Arey: We're still getting people that are getting on ... I think we're climbing viewers. I think people are probably sharing this-

Bryan Thrift: Just because of the flat bill.

Matt Arey: Just so people can see Thrift is a flat bill.

Bryan Thrift: This is the first time ever in 39 years that I've wore a flat bill hat.

Matt Arey: That's the first time you've worn a hat on the show period, I think.

Bryan Thrift: That is true.

Matt Arey: No, you wore that old [Damiki 00:13:36] hat a few times.

Bryan Thrift: I've worn my Damiki hat a couple times.

Matt Arey: Like ten years ago. Let's see.

Bryan Thrift: Alright.

Matt Arey: Matt Cally said careful fellers. Gonna offend some snowflakes out there.

Bryan Thrift: How we gonna do that?

Matt Arey: We're not trying to. I promise. Catch the lures. That's Jodie, right? Isn't that Jodie?

Bryan Thrift: Yes, that is Jodie.

Matt Arey: [crosstalk 00:13:58] remember in 2018 it was him and James [Dire 00:13:59] finishing second the CBC championship on Lake Wiley.

Bryan Thrift: Good job, fellas.

Matt Arey: Awesome Buchanan said fishing the FLW College Series on Lake Gunnersville. I bet that was fun.

Bryan Thrift: We're gonna have to put a new vote up after this show. Like, flat bill or no flat bill.

Matt Arey: Geez louise. Can I vote like a hundred times?

Bryan Thrift: It's mixed.

Matt Arey: It's not mixed. I don't think anybody is wanting you to-

Bryan Thrift: I think they're just denying.

Matt Arey: If anybody's voting for you to wear a flat bill it's because they think it's funny.

Bryan Thrift: Exactly. It is funny. I think it's funny. Do y'all think it's funny?

Matt Arey: Did I do my number one?

Bryan Thrift: No you did not. Go to your number one, Matt.

Matt Arey: Number one most memorable moment for me in 2018 and it was kind of surreal because Jimmy Houston and myself and Scott Canterbury have all represented Shell brands the last few years so we've done promotions together, worked together throughout the last three or four years, but I got to spend a few days at his ranch. We took some VIP people from Shell and whatnot fishing, but I got to film a show as Jimmy's guest out there on one of his-

Bryan Thrift: That is awesome.

Matt Arey: Private lakes on his ranch, and it's some of the same lakes that I watched when I was 8, 9, and 10 years old that they used to shoot shows on, and that was kind of surreal for me, but that was definitely one of my top most memorable moments for 2018. That was a lot of fun. That show should air sometime this summer I think, maybe. I'll try to ... I need to find when that's gonna come on.

Matt Arey: Alright so those are our top six, top three a piece. Goes great with cargo shorts. Actually.

Bryan Thrift: It's actually almost warm enough today to break the cargo shorts back out.

Matt Arey: Yeah, no kidding.

Bryan Thrift: It really was.

Matt Arey: Got a little heatwave. It's like ... It was low 60s here today, wasn't it? The Watson or Wheeler across from Matt. Yeah. Old school hat over the flat bill, Christmas said he'd rather me wear the yellow old school hat over the flat bill. We might could make that happen.

Bryan Thrift: Right there it is. Go get it.

Jeff Walsh: Trey Dotson's watching. I just wanna tell him thank you again because-

Matt Arey: Oh yeah, Trey's on.

Jeff Walsh: That basket of nuts right there on that table-

Bryan Thrift: Delicious.

Jeff Walsh: Is amazing.

Matt Arey: It is. There's some espresso. Not expresso. Espresso.

Jeff Walsh: I ate 3,000 of them last night.

Bryan Thrift: Expresso.

Matt Arey: These little jokers right here, dude. They're ... So what is this exactly? It's a chocolate candy coated espresso bean?

Jeff Walsh: Yeah.

Matt Arey: Amazing.

Jeff Walsh: They're good.

Bryan Thrift: I disagree.

Matt Arey: Somebody asked us, does that hat still have the tags or stickers on it?

Bryan Thrift: I don't think so. Does it?

Matt Arey: Does it have one under the bill or anything?

Bryan Thrift: It had a sticker right here, and I pulled it off.

Matt Arey: You should've left it.

Bryan Thrift: I didn't know if protocol on a flat bill, but I'm used to everything else I pull the stickers off.

Matt Arey: Justin Jones said winning a tournament on Father's Day with his dad.

Bryan Thrift: That is awesome.

Matt Arey: Very memorable moment. Let's see. Yeah, Blake, it was awesome fishing with Brad Stout. Absolutely. Disney World. Chris Hart's watching from Disney World. Tell Mickey we said what's up.

Bryan Thrift: That is awesome.

Matt Arey: And Minnie. Don't leave Minnie out. And Goofy. And Donald.

Bryan Thrift: Raymond Jones says his most memorable moment was catching a 7-12 in the Seminole Coast of Behind Me. That's awesome.

Matt Arey: Behind you as in he was your co-angler.

Bryan Thrift: I don't remember.

Matt Arey: Or he was another boater that went in behind you.

Bryan Thrift: Elaborate.

Matt Arey: Either way, it's awesome.

Bryan Thrift: Either way, it's awesome, yes.

Matt Arey: Yeah, that was cool. Yeah, I remember Chris [crosstalk 00:17:27]

Bryan Thrift: Allie has requested some of the expresso-

Matt Arey: We're fresh out, Allison. Sorry about that.

Bryan Thrift: I got you, honey. I'll bring 'em. Look, I got this whole flat bill. I'll fill it up with 'em. To the top.

Jeff Walsh: I got two more bags at my house.

Matt Arey: Oh alright so just quick little housekeeping, we're probably off next week. Bryan will be at his first FLW tour event. Kicks off ... When are you leaving, Friday?

Bryan Thrift: I'm leaving Friday to go to Rayburn.

Matt Arey: What's that, a 20 hour drive?

Bryan Thrift: I think so. I haven't looked yet. That sounds about right.

Matt Arey: He'll be gone all next week. You'll be back the following ... You'll be back.

Bryan Thrift: Possibly the following Tuesday. Depends on how traffic traveling goes is gonna be the thing.

Matt Arey: If ... which you'll probably end up making the top ten so you'll fish through Sunday.

Bryan Thrift: Hopefully.

Matt Arey: If for some reason you don't, you'll start traveling home Sunday?

Bryan Thrift: Depends. Depends.

Matt Arey: Well, we'll plan to have a show and it'll be a Sam Rayburn wrap up for Thrift. A week from Tuesday. If I can round up maybe a special guest or two, I might try to throw a show together for next week.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, I think you should.

Matt Arey: We'll see what Jeff's got rolling next week too.

Bryan Thrift: Here's kind of a fishing question. Jonathon Carter says, "What's your favorite rattletrap for cold dirty water?"

Matt Arey: Favorite rattletrap for cold dirty water?

Bryan Thrift: And I assume by rattletrap he means just rattle type bait.

Matt Arey: Lipless crank baits?

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, lipless crank bait.

Matt Arey: Alright. You wanna hit on that since you picked the question?

Bryan Thrift: I can, and it's funny you should ask that.

Matt Arey: It is funny he asked that 'cause he brought-

Bryan Thrift: I have a whole box of 'em right here. I actually made a post on Instagram today, this is my box of Damiki trimmers. But cold, dirty water, that right there. Red crawfish colored Damiki trimmer 65 cold dirty water. That is my favorite.

Matt Arey: Wonder if that box will make an appearance at Rayburn.

Bryan Thrift: It will. That was one thing I talked to Matt about. We were kind of throwing ideas back and forth about what could we talk about, what's some topics. I think I threw out like what's a bait you think that's gonna be ... It seems like every year you've got one bait that stands out above others and seems like every year there's one certain style of bait that works everywhere, and you catch a lot of fish on it each year. For me, I feel like 2018's gonna be the year of the Damiki trimmer. I think we've got a lot of-

Matt Arey: You didn't say stinger.

Bryan Thrift: No, I said trimmer. Damiki trimmer.

Matt Arey: That's amazing.

Bryan Thrift: Because ... You've gotta think about it. It's a great pre-spawn bait. We're going to some great pre-spawn lakes where rattletrap type baits like the trimmer are kind of good techniques. Maybe we've got Rayburn, we've got Toho, we know they bite the lipless baits there. I think it's gonna be the trimmer for me this year.

Matt Arey: Alright. Yeah, and I think what's funny about that is-

Bryan Thrift: Is what I'm going with.

Matt Arey: We were talking earlier about this year in general probably gonna be a high water power fisherman's paradise with all the rain and the high water levels, I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon. If this holds up, our current situation all over the southeast holds up all the way through the spawn and whatnot. Number one, the positive that's gonna come out of it is you're gonna see a really good spawn, I would assume.

Matt Arey: The negatives are gonna be-

Bryan Thrift: It's gonna change things up.

Matt Arey: There might be ... There's gonna be certain lakes, especially the flatter lakes and things like that that you're not gonna be able to access the fish.

Bryan Thrift: Right. Exactly.

Matt Arey: That's a guarantee.

Bryan Thrift: That may be something we see at Rayburn. I know the water level's really high there right now. I think I seen where a lot of ramps are actually closed on Rayburn due to the high water.

Matt Arey: Oh really? So it's that high.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah.

Matt Arey: Alright so since you're talking about ... Well let's see. Carson Reiny said he started off by catching 25 fish today.

Bryan Thrift: Ooo. That's a good start to the new ... Speaking of that, this is like the first ... This is probably one of the first new years days in the last ten years I haven't went fishing on New Year's Day.

Matt Arey: Oh, really? Don't they have a tournament normally on New Year's Day about every year?

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, me and David Hendrix used to fish the New Years tournament every year. We won like four in a row, and then we hadn't fished anymore in a while.

Matt Arey: Alright. Barrett Kiel asked, any new sponsor deals for the 2019 seasons? The only for sure one I have at this moment is Lou's Fishin'. I am on board and signed on with Lou's.

Bryan Thrift: Good deal.

Matt Arey: So I'll be using all their rods and reels this year. Bryan, I saw you just-

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, I just picked up Catch Commander which is an awesome new set of scales. It allows you to tally your total weight. You know, save it. It tells you which fish to cool. It's awesome deal. Very accurate. I've been playing with them actually since iCast this year. So I've kind of put it through the ringers, made sure it weighs the same on everything every time, and it's a great set of scales. No discrepancies in weight. That's my biggest thing is I want to make sure the scales are gonna do the same thing every time. I've just randomly weighed stuff, weighed fish ten fifteen different times to make sure it shows the same weight every time. Hands down the best scales I've ever used. So I'm looking forward to that.

Matt Arey: I just got a couple comments said it took 18lbs to win on [inaudible 00:22:48] day.

Bryan Thrift: Ooo.

Matt Arey: Matt Haywood won. Does that mean-

Bryan Thrift: He carried Tater again?

Matt Arey: Does that mean Tater won too?

Bryan Thrift: That means Tater netted 18lbs.

Matt Arey: That's funny 'cause they both ... They just said Haywood. I didn't hear Tater's name in there.

Matt Arey: Oh, Jeff Fox, absolutely. He said are you gonna have a combo of special guests from FLW and BASS in future shows? Yeah, and we've done that in the past. Even when Bryan and I were both fishing FLW, we had-

Bryan Thrift: We still-

Matt Arey: We've had Jacob. We went on the show. We've had Hank Cherry on the show. Then we had Brandon Cobb. We've had Davey Williams. We've had definitely a mix of FLW. We had Andy Montgomery on the show who's MLF now. So we're definitely gonna still have a mix of special guests throughout the year, throughout 2019. Alan Coast said the Jordan Lake ramps are closed also.

Bryan Thrift: Jordan Lake's closed?

Matt Arey: Yeah, they said Jordan's closed.

Bryan Thrift: I know this has been the wettest winter I feel like I've ever been around for. I don't think I've ever seen it rain this much.

Matt Arey: They set a record in North Carolina for rainfall this year.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

Matt Arey: Alright. I saw a couple questions about ... Oh, Alabama or Clemson.

Bryan Thrift: What's that mean?

Matt Arey: You know, I have to pull for ...

Bryan Thrift: What's that mean? 'Ama or Clemson.

Matt Arey: Question. Alabama or Clemson question mark. Bryan said, what's that mean? I mean you can't ... Just-

Bryan Thrift: What? That's a legitimate question.

Matt Arey: What do you mean it's a legitimate question? [crosstalk 00:24:19]

Bryan Thrift: It just says 'Ama or Clemson.

Matt Arey: You have no idea what that's a reference to, do you?

Bryan Thrift: No. I really don't.

Matt Arey: Somebody help me now. That is who's playing for the national championship football game.

Bryan Thrift: Oh, okay.

Matt Arey: Alabama and Clemson. They play ...

Bryan Thrift: There you go.

Matt Arey: Monday night, actually. This coming Monday. So Alabama or Clemson, Bryan?

Bryan Thrift: I have no idea.

Matt Arey: I'm gonna pull for Clemson, but I'm gonna say Alabama. I just don't know that Clemson's got enough for Alabama this year. Alright, let's see.

Bryan Thrift: You just made a lot of people mad.

Matt Arey: I probably did. I said I'm gonna pull for Clemson. I mean, I pull for ACC period, but I just don't feel good about it. Tater finished third today, Kyle said he fished with NASCAR Charlie. Lou's hypermag is the deal, Toby. I just got some of those. I just now picked up some hypermags. I haven't actually gotten to use one yet, but I'm going to the lake. I have not let a line in over two months, Bryan. I'm going to the lake next week, though.

Bryan Thrift: Congratulations, Matt. You need to. Hey, I can't say nothin'. Usually I fish a lot in the off season ...

Matt Arey: I was gonna say. You ain't fished that-

Bryan Thrift: And I have only been fishing like three times since the first week of November.

Jeff Walsh: Trey Dotson, I got nothin'.

Bryan Thrift: [crosstalk 00:25:45] I don't know why that's surprising. I never got into watching the sports.

Matt Arey: Really?

Bryan Thrift: No, I really didn't. I don't even-

Matt Arey: Noo.

Bryan Thrift: I'll tell you why. I've got a good reason why. Hear me out.

Matt Arey: This oughta be good.

Bryan Thrift: Oh, it is good. [crosstalk 00:26:04] It has to do with NASCAR, but I carried it over to everything. Baseball, football. Alright so picture this. YOu've got a 12 year old Bryan Thrift wants to go fishing on Sunday after church. He can't drive. Somebody's gotta take him. So I want my dad to take me fishing on Sunday after church, and he'd always make me wait 'til after the NASCAR race was over. So I'd sit at the house pissed off 'cause I couldn't go fishing. So from then on, I'd be like nah, I don't want anything to do with it.

Jeff Walsh: No sports. Only fishing.

Matt Arey: No sports. So because he chose to watch a NASCAR race, you completely threw all the sports out the window.

Bryan Thrift: Kinda.

Matt Arey: Sounds fair.

Bryan Thrift: Like when you're 12 years old and you're sittin' at home mad 'cause you want to go fishing and all you know dad's watching the stupid car race. I can't go fishing.

Matt Arey: Oh, I saw a couple questions about Rayburn earlier. Let's do a quick Sam Rayburn preview. You talked about the high water. I know you've got a little insight on the conditions of the lake. It's higher than it's ever been this time of year for a long ... I mean, for a while, right?

Bryan Thrift: What? I'm reading comments.

Matt Arey: I know. Sam Rayburn preview. Current lake conditions. Talk a little bit about the current lake conditions down there. What's going on?

Bryan Thrift: The only thing I know is I looked up the lake level online last night, and it was like six feet over full. I don't know what the exact number was. 170 or 165 or something like that I remember.

Matt Arey: I saw Russell Cecil was posting some pictures from one of the roads that parallels Rayburn. It was super, super, super high. Should be an interesting tournament, though.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, and I think that's awesome because it's ... I'm not gonna say it takes locals out of it, but I feel like it diminishes their advantage more.

Matt Arey: 100%

Bryan Thrift: I mean, anywhere. Kind of like going to ... Like if you've got a tournament ... Like we used to have tour events on Lake Norman in April. Me and Matt would-

Matt Arey: Matt and I.

Bryan Thrift: Me and Matt. I started going Matt and I, but I did that on purpose. Like we-

Matt Arey: It's a new year, man. You need to make a resolution to work on your English.

Bryan Thrift: I do it more to get a rise out of you than anything. The Norman tour advance we would have at April, Matt and I would usually get a check and be in the 40-50 range, but we never really were contention to win because most of the fish were up on the bed. Sight fishing played a major factor, and that kind of takes your local advantage out of it.

Matt Arey: 100% and so I know it's gonna be really hard to make a weight prediction for that tournament, but Joe Wilkins ... Never gonna happen. I would love to see [inaudible 00:28:45] ran a flat bill myself. He said Thrift got it goin' on. That might be the first comment I've actually seen that was positive towards your flat bill tonight.

Matt Arey: So weight predictions for ... Those candy covered espresso beans, I'm telling you, dude. Those things are amazing.

Bryan Thrift: Show might go over tonight. Matt's gonna be jacked up on chocolate covered espresso beans.

Matt Arey: They were almost at 300 viewers tonight. It's pretty cool. So New Year's Day, everybody celebrating by watching a little Let's Talk Fish live. Rayburn weight predictions. That's a tricky one with the high water and stuff like that.

Bryan Thrift: That is a tricky one.

Matt Arey: But it's still Rayburn.

Bryan Thrift: It's still Rayburn. Lotta giant fish in it. I'm gonna say it's gonna take-

Matt Arey: Four days.

Bryan Thrift: Four days. I'm gonna go with 78lbs.

Matt Arey: Okay. Yeah, I wouldn't say it'd take over 80. Not with the conditions and stuff. I just don't see it.

Bryan Thrift: That's what I'm thinking. 78.

Matt Arey: Anthony Randal just came in and said 20-23 a day.

Bryan Thrift: That's 80 to-

Matt Arey: Yeah, you're talking 84-88lbs.

Bryan Thrift: It's gonna depend on the weather I think too because you gotta think-

Matt Arey: One thing, and I know some guys who lived down there, one thing you can guarantee [crosstalk 00:30:05] at Rayburn in January is you're gonna have wind and a rattletrap's gonna catch some fish somewhere.

Bryan Thrift: Yes.

Matt Arey: Those two things right there, that's a guarantee. Other than that, I don't know nothing. I'm with you. I would say mid to upper 70s. I'm not fishing it, but there's still big ones. I mean somebody's liable to catch a 10 and an 8 in their bag one day. If somebody-

Bryan Thrift: There's gonna be some giants caught.

Matt Arey: 28lbs one day. Then they catch 18, 17 whatever. The next thing you know, they got ... They're close to 80lbs. 75. Johnny Large said 75lbs for the win. That'd be pretty darn strong.

Bryan Thrift: Yep.

Matt Arey: Let's see. Brian Sutton said they want to see Bryan do the floss.

Bryan Thrift: Where did that come from? That's not happening. No.

Matt Arey: We never thought we'd see you wear a flat bill either.

Bryan Thrift: We gotta take baby steps. I've got a flat bill on tonight. We gotta take baby steps.

Matt Arey: Water temp at Rayburn ... I don't know the water temp at Rayburn. I'm sure Bryan doesn't because he hasn't been down there so. But it's probably all over the map since it's getting cold and warm and cold. If it's doing anything like it is here, it's probably 50 one week, 45 the next, 55 the next. [crosstalk 00:31:08].

Bryan Thrift: Here's a question from Michael John Leonard. Heaviest bag you've ever weighed in a tournament?

Matt Arey: I had one just under 26 at Lake Fort in a TTBC. 25-12. So I've never weighed in anything over that. A bunch of the 20-22lb range. 25-12 is my biggest, in a tournament.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah. I had a 30lb 7oz at Santee. That's the biggest.

Matt Arey: 30lbs.

Bryan Thrift: 30lbs 7oz. Biggest bag I ever weighed in a tournament.

Matt Arey: That's a big ole bag. Let's see. There's temperatures coming in right now. 55. Wow, that's warm. 55-60 degrees is the range that I'm getting. So that's crazy warm. That means you'll probably get a blizzard when you're there.

Bryan Thrift: Of course. Let's make [inaudible 00:32:07].

Matt Arey: Thrift and Eminem gonna do a duet rap. That would be excellent. Barrett Kiel, absolutely. I cannot wait for that tournament along with several other ones. And I'm looking forward to ... I know some of the guys were complaining about when y'all babying tough last time bass was there, but I'm very much looking forward to that event.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah. I love going to places like that-

Matt Arey: It's title, Bryan. Wait before you say that.

Bryan Thrift: Well not. I was gonna say I Like going places there's not a lot of information out there on that's kind of new on the schedule to everybody. I love going places like ... I love going places I've never been to. That would be fun.

Matt Arey: Andrew Clark said looking to get new graphs. What would you guys recommend? Bryan uses Lowrance and Hummingbird. I'm a straight Lowrance guy. Lowrance now. Especially if you're looking to purchase some new stuff now, Lowrance has just launched their new live units this year. Gonna be pretty awesome. The transducers actually aren't even ... They're coming in March so they'll be here in March. Pretty awesome deal. They're mapping detail now. The six inch contours. They can map the lakes live. You know you can do that. It's pretty awesome so I would definitely check out some Lowrance stuff.

Matt Arey: Hummingbird's got some good stuff too. There's certain things that Bryan likes to use on the Hummingbird units, but overall I would definitely take a look at that new Lowrance live.

Matt Arey: Derick Westfall says Bryan and Matt, what did you guys get for Christmas? What did you get for Christmas?

Bryan Thrift: I got-

Matt Arey: Tell 'em what ya got Wiley for Christmas, his oldest boy.

Bryan Thrift: I got him a BB pistol ... Let me rephrase that. We, me and my wife and Santa Claus-

Matt Arey: My wife and I.

Bryan Thrift: We got him a BB pistol and a little scooter thing. He really likes the scooter.

Jeff Walsh: Not a normal BB pistol.

Matt Arey: Did you post a video of that BB pistol?

Bryan Thrift: I did post a Facebook video.

Matt Arey: Is that on your Instagram?

Bryan Thrift: That is a normal.

Jeff Walsh: That's not a normal BB pistol.

Bryan Thrift: Yes, it has-

Matt Arey: Look, I gave my nephew a Red Rider BB gun. That's a normal BB gun for a 7, 8 year old kid.

Jeff Walsh: Red Rider does not shoot 300 rounds a second.

Matt Arey: It shoots one BB equal to like seven [inaudible 00:34:07].

Bryan Thrift: Well the BB pistol shoot one BB as well.

Jeff Walsh: Red Rider's one per minute.

Matt Arey: Go to Bryan's Instagram page and look at the BB gun.

Bryan Thrift: It is an awesome BB pistol. I think Beretta makes it. It's got a fire selection. You can either do full auto or semi auto.

Matt Arey: What'd you get for Christmas?

Bryan Thrift: Allie actually got me this cool cutout of Lake Norman. It's like a ... I forget what they call it where you can see the depths. It's made out of wood. Somebody hand made it, and it shows the depths of the woods stacked up and different colors for the different depths. It's pretty neat. That was probably my favorite gift. What about you?

Matt Arey: I would say ... My wife got me a pretty cool present and very creative. Jeff knows a little bit about it because I was asking his advice. She went to-

Jeff Walsh: I knew you were getting it.

Matt Arey: What? Well I'm sure you did. She went to the people and she ... You pay a fee and you get a bunch of designers to submit a logo. She did it for my [inaudible 00:35:14] fishin'. For my Facebook pages. For logos, trucks, boats, clothes, whatever we need it for.

Bryan Thrift: Oh you got a personalized logo? Ooo.

Matt Arey: Exactly. Personalized logo. So we got like 40 different designs. We narrowed it down to two, and I think we're making our selection ... Probably making it official. We might've made it official today, but anyway we'll come out with that here in the next few weeks.

Bryan Thrift: I guess I need to get a logo. I may be the only professional that doesn't have a logo.

Matt Arey: And BT would be easy to work with, but I'm gonna tell you what, man.

Bryan Thrift: I've already got a look. We've got the cargo shorts. I guess I-

Matt Arey: You've gotta have some kind of logo to put on your cargo shorts. That's what it is.

Bryan Thrift: Y'all knock the cargo shorts, but they're convenient.

Matt Arey: So we talked about Sam Rayburn late predictions.

Bryan Thrift: There's the word I was looking for. Chris Smith says it.

Matt Arey: Topography.

Bryan Thrift: Topography. That's the word I was looking for-

Matt Arey: Topography.

Bryan Thrift: Topography of the gift that my wife got me for Christmas.

Matt Arey: Rubin asked if we conceal carry on the tour. It's ... Oh, my wife just said it's official. So we have decided.

Bryan Thrift: Ooo.

Matt Arey: We did make it official. We have the logo. Have the new Matt Arey Fishing logo.

Bryan Thrift: Let's debut it tonight for the viewers.

Matt Arey: Well, we don't have it yet. It's-

Bryan Thrift: She could text it to Jeff and Jeff can throw it up on-

Matt Arey: They have to email and ... It's way above your head.

Bryan Thrift: I mean, this is 2019. Things can happen quick. Tell 'em, Jeff.

Matt Arey: Do you conceal and carry when you're on the road?

Bryan Thrift: I may.

Matt Arey: I mean, I would want people to know that I had a gun. I'm just saying. As long as it's legal, I would want people to know that I have a gun. I don't know that it ... If you have your permit, is it legal for us to carry one in our boat during the tournament?

Bryan Thrift: Not during the ... not in a boat.

Matt Arey: I didn't think it was.

Bryan Thrift: Nope.

Matt Arey: And I never have.

Bryan Thrift: Not in the boat.

Matt Arey: I didn't think ... When you're not fishing the tournament, it is.

Bryan Thrift: I don't know about official practice.

Matt Arey: Not official practice. I'm just talking in general.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah.

Matt Arey: You have a conceal carry, you carry it pretty much anywhere I guess. So no. To answer your question, Rubin, it's not in our boats during the tournament. But I'm sure quite a few of us have 'em in our tow vehicles.

Matt Arey: Let's see. Kenny Patterson. Thanks for tuning in. He said, "First time watching the show. BTN Matt can't forget the ninja." Huh?

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, we need some clarification on that. 'Cause that sounds like pretty beginnings of a good story.

Matt Arey: Yeah, Clarence. Let us know. Aggy said dump the flat bill, dude. I'm totally agreeing.

Bryan Thrift: Dump the flat bill? No. I'm wearing the flat bill the whole entire show. I may wear it on the show all year.

Matt Arey: How many boats ... I've seen this question twice and then James Wiley touched on how many boats will be at Rayburn, how many boats fishing FLW this year. Is it 180?

Bryan Thrift: 170.

Matt Arey: 170, okay.

Bryan Thrift: 170 for the tour this year.

Matt Arey: 170 during the tour. Let's see. Oh, Alan said, "Why can't we carry during the tournaments?" That's just tournament rules.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah. Tournament organization rules.

Matt Arey: Anthony asked me how the duck hunt was. Anthony, I almost forgot how much fun it was to duck hunt. I haven't been in ... I looked at my duck stamp when I went and got another one, and it was 2015's the last time I went duck hunting. You gotta have a federal duck stamp to hunt, by the way. [crosstalk 00:38:34]

Bryan Thrift: I knew that.

Matt Arey: We had a good hunt. I think we ended up killing four the first day and thirteen the second day so it was good. A lot of fun. Got to hang out with some old buddies. [crosstalk 00:38:44] see very often. Oh, is that what you were-

Bryan Thrift: I forgot I'm the ninja.

Matt Arey: Oh yeah. He said Thrifty is the ninja. How can y'all forget that? Well when he said ninja, I was thinking crawfish.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, that's what I was leaning towards Jeff and his white ninja crawfish. We got a lot of ninjas on the show.

Jeff Walsh: I've been elusive lately.

Matt Arey: Rob Montgomery said, "Would you ever throw a crank bait with a water temp below 40? And which crank bait?" I haven't fished too many lakes where the water was actually below 40. I fished a lot where it was 41, 42, 43. Have you fished any in the upper 30s?

Bryan Thrift: Very, very few. I'm thinking the coldest water I've ever fished was at table rock one year. I remember it being 40, 41 at Table Rock one year. We fished in March.

Matt Arey: What was it when we fished Beaver that year that you won on jerk bait?

Bryan Thrift: It was cold, yeah. [crosstalk 00:39:40] 41, 42 there.

Matt Arey: Would you throw a crank bait in water that cold? Yeah. I mean-

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, that's when you kind of ... I switch over to tighter wobbling baits. Something like a [crosstalk 00:39:50] Chad wrap, stuff like that yeah.

Matt Arey: Chad wrap's a good choice when it's super super cold like that.

Bryan Thrift: Oh yeah. Here's a good comment. Billy Schultz says, "Think anything interesting will happen at Amistad this weekend?" I guess that's the first tournament of the year. Kicking off fishing season. This week the Costa series at Lake Amistad so that's gonna be exciting to follow and see how they do there.

Matt Arey: Tow rigs this year, Rubin asked. I'll be running a Toyota Tundra. Bryan's running a Dodge.

Bryan Thrift: Yep.

Matt Arey: Dodge-

Bryan Thrift: Currently.

Matt Arey: Currently running a Dodge.

Bryan Thrift: Probably need to get something else. I got some miles on my Dodge.

Matt Arey: Yeah, but you remember the low rider?

Bryan Thrift: Hey, I remember.

Matt Arey: How many miles you put on that low rider?

Bryan Thrift: It has 265,000.

Matt Arey: It has?! You still have it?

Bryan Thrift: Chuck's got it.

Matt Arey: Oh. How many does it have on it now?

Bryan Thrift: 265,000.

Matt Arey: Oh, okay. 265,000. But it had about ... You put about 200,000 on it, didn't you?

Bryan Thrift: Yeah.

Matt Arey: That thing ran good. You never had any issues with it.

Bryan Thrift: It's 3/4 ton. It's made to pull stuff. See, you get a little half ton truck with like a little 5/3 motor, you wear it out in 2-3 years pulling a boat as much as we do.

Matt Arey: Tyler said, "what do y'all think about the BPT, Bass Pro Tour, coming to Falls Jordan in Sheeran Harris?" I saw that announced, but I think-

Bryan Thrift: That's pretty neat.

Matt Arey: I think that the time that they're coming-

Bryan Thrift: When are ... What time are-

Matt Arey: March. Gonna be in March.

Bryan Thrift: Pretty small.

Matt Arey: Probably.

Bryan Thrift: If it's late March, they could be on the bid. Like late March.

Matt Arey: I'm just gonna tell you right now there's gonna be some giants [inaudible 00:41:27].

Bryan Thrift: Oh yeah.

Matt Arey: There's gonna be a couple tens called. No doubt.

Bryan Thrift: Me, I'm not gonna go that far.

Matt Arey: I am.

Bryan Thrift: There'll be some big-

Matt Arey: But off, and I am, and here's why. 'cause all three of those lakes produce double digit fish every year in March.

Bryan Thrift: Oh yeah.

Matt Arey: That is the month to be there. Unless some crazy conditions happen, but if it's like it should be there will be more than one double digit fish caught, I believe, throughout the whole field throughout multiple days. I'm not saying like there'll be ten caught by everybody or something crazy. Just a couple double digit fish.

Bryan Thrift: I wonder how they're gonna break it down because Harris is a small lake.

Matt Arey: That's gotta be the final lake.

Bryan Thrift: That's gotta be the final day lake where they're gonna put ten anglers out there.

Matt Arey: Right. I need to scroll down a little bit and catch up. Let's see. Did Costa fill non-voters for Amistad. I'm not sure, J. Mack. You may want to call FLW, find out. Lake levels on Okeechobee for the coast, though. WHat's the deal with ... Is it really high?

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, I think it's really low, actually.

Matt Arey: Really low?

Bryan Thrift: Really low.

Matt Arey: That must be the only lake in Florida that's really low.

Bryan Thrift: No, I think everything kind of below Orlando's low.

Matt Arey: Okay. So-

Bryan Thrift: I think so.

Matt Arey: Gotchu. Not sure if they filled up, though. College series on Norman and Fayweaather this year. What do y'all think? It'll take a day. Oh man. If they [inaudible 00:42:45], it could be good. It could take ... I don't know how many days that series or that tournament is.

Bryan Thrift: What's that?

Matt Arey: Multiple day tournament on Norman in February this year. There's a college tournament there. Also, Buchanan's asking [crosstalk 00:42:59]-

Bryan Thrift: Ew.

Matt Arey: I think if you average them teams.

Bryan Thrift: If you average 14-15, you're gonna be right there, pretty strong.

Matt Arey: 'Cause you could catch a big bag that time of year, but doing it normal days in a row.

Bryan Thrift: Outside of somebody catching 18-20 one day and then catching 13 1/2 or so the next two days, that's very possible too.

Matt Arey: Merle Gentry, one of our top fans, actually said, "I'm sorry. You know I love you guys, but I asked Fitzgerald to pull that hat for me."

Bryan Thrift: It's my hat.

Matt Arey: Yeah, Craig. He asked if you were fishing [inaudible 00:43:29]. You're fishing two divisions [crosstalk 00:43:33]-

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, I'm actually fishing two divisions of the coast. This is actually gonna be my busiest year ever as a professional as far as fishing events. I've fished in the FLW tour, I'm fishing the southeast coast [inaudible 00:43:42] northeast coast. It'd be fun.

Matt Arey: Let's see. Brad Wine, thank you. Or Brad Win. He said, "What's happening, fellows? Watching from cold, sunny San Diego." Thanks for tuning in, Brad. San Diego. All the way on the west coast. We appreciate it. We do have a few viewers from the west coast. We were talking about that earlier. We've had some from Washington state. Several from California. A few from Oregon. Very cool. We do appreciate y'all watching. Let's see. Justin, we will not be at the Raleigh Bass Fishing Expo in January. I think that's next weekend if I'm not mistaken.

Bryan Thrift: I know I will not be there.

Matt Arey: Yeah, I won't be attending either. I've been at that show a few times. I think Bryan's been-

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, I've worked it a couple times as well.

Matt Arey: I usually had to be down at the big rock which is actually not in Raleigh for the first time in years. It's-

Bryan Thrift: Where's it at?

Matt Arey: It's in Nashville this year.

Bryan Thrift: Really?

Matt Arey: Nashville, Tennessee. Yep. So I won't be going over to that either. Let's see. So Tim Frederick's on. What's up, Tim? Tim said Kissimmee's really low too.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah.

Matt Arey: Interesting. So alright. We do have our trivia question here in a little while. What time we got, Bryan?

Bryan Thrift: What time? Time check, 7:46.

Matt Arey: 7:46.

Bryan Thrift: We still got some time.

Matt Arey: Got about fifteen minutes. We do have our trivia question that we are giving away.

Bryan Thrift: Although we could knock off early so I can take the flat bill off.

Matt Arey: No. We won't do that. You're gonna wear it 'til the end.

Bryan Thrift: I'm wearing it. I'm rocking the flat bill.

Matt Arey: Let's see. Here's a good one. Bryan, I'm gonna let you hit on this.

Bryan Thrift: Alright.

Matt Arey: What do I need to look for in a good worm rod? A good worm rod. WHat's your ideal action, length, things like that?

Bryan Thrift: The ideal worm rod is a seven foot medium heavy 'cause that's ... I feel like it's long enough you can still throw a Carolina rig, but it's also got enough power you can Texas rig, you can flip with it if you have to. You can make it work for a lot of different applications. Seven foot medium heavy. I use a seven foot medium heavy fish [inaudible 00:45:41] stunner rod. I use that for all my Texas rigs if I'm throwing a worm, fishing brush, or flipping thinner bushes with 20lb fluorocarbon, stuff like that. That's me.

Matt Arey: Interesting question from Rubin, he said, "Opinions on these big aluminum rigs on the tours." You do see a few guys running them. Bill Lowen, John Cox. Absolutely there's advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages to me are when you encounter big water. Now The only ... The reason I say that's not that big of a deal because if you could ... if your back can take it, and you can take a little bit more of a beating, then it's no big deal. I have seen those guys, especially John Cox-

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, he's got a-

Matt Arey: Win tournaments and make top tens because he had an aluminum rig.

Bryan Thrift: Yes.

Matt Arey: So to me, the positives, for somebody like John whose strengths are sight fishing and shallow water power fishing, he seems to be able to maximize that aluminum rig than all the other guys that're running 'em now. I have seen some ... I mean, Bill Lowen runs one. He does well.

Bryan Thrift: They're [inaudible 00:46:50].

Matt Arey: There are several [crosstalk 00:46:52]- Who else runs an aluminum rig on the tours; do you know?

Bryan Thrift: Huh. I don't know.

Matt Arey: I don't know that I know-

Bryan Thrift: I know John also, he has a deep V hole like when we go up north, he's got like a deep V hole aluminum-

Matt Arey: I think he can change boats. He didn't used to be able to.

Bryan Thrift: I don't think on elite series. I think you could on FLW.

Matt Arey: I thought they did away with that.

Bryan Thrift: I know you could on FLW 'cause a couple of guys ran the big 522 rangers.

Matt Arey: Big deep Vs.

Bryan Thrift: When we were at St. Clair this year.

Matt Arey: Let's see. Was out hunting ... You guys gonna be on Rayburn the tenth of January? Yeah, John Stray Dog said, he just logged on, he said are we gonna be on Rayburn? Thrift will be there absolutely. Thrift will be there fishing FLW.

Bryan Thrift: Yes, I will be there at Rayburn.

Matt Arey: James Wiley said, "Looking for a Let's Talk Fish sticker." Did you get them stickers out?

Jeff Walsh: They come in Friday.

Bryan Thrift: We got 'em.

Matt Arey: They come in when?

Jeff Walsh: They come in Friday.

Matt Arey: To us?

Jeff Walsh: We're actually picking 'em up when we go to the shop.

Matt Arey: Oh, okay. So-

Jeff Walsh: We had something else come in too that nobody knows about. Which those'll be in tomorrow so you're actually gettin' two things. But we got like almost 400 stickers we can ship out.

Bryan Thrift: Skyler Hamilton, we're getting a lot of comments. He runs an aluminum rig.

Matt Arey: There you go. There's three of your top-

Bryan Thrift: And Gussie. How could we forget Gussie? He runs one.

Matt Arey: Oh yeah. Well the reason we forget Gussie because we don't think of that as aluminum 'cause it's like that deep.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, it's pretty tall.

Matt Arey: He's running a Lund. Ain't it a Lund?

Bryan Thrift: Yes.

Matt Arey: Yeah, it's a Lund. Which that is a rough water aluminum. I mean, it's built for rough water.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, it's a deep v hold. It's made to catch walleyes and stuff.

Matt Arey: Yep. Jared said you can't anymore in the elites.

Bryan Thrift: You can't run aluminum anymore in elites?

Matt Arey: I don't know if he meant can't run aluminum-

Bryan Thrift: Or can't switch boats.

Matt Arey: Or can't switch boats. Yeah, interesting. Let's see. What about Lake Cumberland in Kentucky? Huh, you're fishing that for something, aren't you?

Bryan Thrift: What?

Matt Arey: Didn't you get a Cumberland for a coast or something?

Bryan Thrift: I think the coast of championship's on Cumberland in 2019.

Matt Arey: Okay. Yeah, yeah yeah. Yep. Jesse Stanley, let us know. Just make sure you drop a note when you make a order. We do have very few hats left in stock, but we do have the color I'm wearing. I think there's two left. We got some black and white ones. We got some-

Bryan Thrift: No flat bills. I'm sorry.

Matt Arey: We don't have any flat bills. We don't sell the flat bills. Might be something we have to look into now that Bryan's sporting one.

Bryan Thrift: Oh yeah. Luke [Hound 00:49:21] said what about special guest Robbie Dow? Cause he is a fellow Elite Series pro like yourself.

Matt Arey: That's a good point. That's a good point.

Bryan Thrift: Get Robbie Dow on here.

Matt Arey: We might have to hit up Robbie. We talked about having Robbie on the show anyway so we'll definitely get Robbie on the show.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, we need to get Robbie up in here.

Matt Arey: Here soon.

Bryan Thrift: If nothing else, just to make Scott Hammer jealous.

Matt Arey: Let's see. Favorite ... This is from Ryan Montgomery. Favorite finesse techniques during winter or early spring? And that's a little tricky because-

Bryan Thrift: That is tricky 'cause [crosstalk 00:49:56]-

Matt Arey: A lot of the lackey worm deal. I'll tell you, in early spring I have caught some fish on an Elway.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah.

Matt Arey: You know when they get, especially on places like Smith Lake in Alabama, places where a lot of those spots will stage up under some of those deep docks before they hit the bank to spawn.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, kind of suspend around.

Matt Arey: Yeah, they'll suspend around on 'em. What other finesse ... I mean, I've used the drop shot in the winter and caught 'em.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah.

Matt Arey: Not a ton.

Bryan Thrift: That little Damiki armor shed. That's probably the number one finnessy type cold water.

Matt Arey: Yeah, the Damiki rig. Yep. I completely forgot about that, but that's probably top of the list.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah.

Matt Arey: So yeah.

Bryan Thrift: I seen a question. Logan Taylor says for the classic in Knoxville, he needs and orange and white LTF hat, Jeff.

Matt Arey: Orange and white? We don't have ... Do we have orange and white?

Jeff Walsh: Absolutely not.

Bryan Thrift: Absolutely not. So that answers ... We will have hats that-

Matt Arey: We will have hats and shirts.

Jeff Walsh: But we make an [older-sum 00:50:55]. It's not a bad idea. I don't know if you can get Tennessee orange, though.

Matt Arey: When we order-

Bryan Thrift: See, I like a special Tennessee only orange?

Matt Arey: That orange one that we had was pretty darn close to Tennessee orange.

Jeff Walsh: I don't think anything's close to Tennessee orange but Tennessee orange.

Matt Arey: I mean, it's close. It's not ... It's as close as we can get. Let's just put it that way.

Jeff Walsh: You never know. We'll try.

Matt Arey: Let's see. Yeah. Jimmy brought up Matt ... Bryan's trying to rock the flat bill. I think he does want to be like Wheeler.

Bryan Thrift: I did consult with Wheeler before the show to see if I was wearing it properly.

Matt Arey: That is funny because he actually FaceTimed Wheeler right before we went live, and-

Jeff Walsh: And got hung up on because it looked so ridiculous.

Matt Arey: Wheeler almost spit his drink out when he-

Bryan Thrift: I actually think he was trying to screenshot it when he hung up.

Matt Arey: That's exactly what he was doing. He was trying to take a screenshot.

Jeff Walsh: What are you wearing? Hang on, I got a call. Click.

Matt Arey: If you go over to Wheeler's Instagram, you might see that picture pop up.

Bryan Thrift: Yes.

Matt Arey: Ight. Let's see. Oh, here's a good question from Caleb. He said ... Yeah, this is interesting. "How do you guys feel about using buoys to mark schools on TVA lakes if you don't have top notch electronics?"

Bryan Thrift: I wouldn't do it.

Matt Arey: I don't like doing it. I've never marked actual fish and/or brush with buoys. I have ... Sometimes if I'm in strong current or something, this is pre-Ultrex - which Bryan doesn't use one so it doesn't matter, I have marked my boat positioning with a buoy before. I've started catchin' 'em on a TVA lake offshore, and I've dropped the buoy just to know my boat position in case I drift back, something like [crosstalk 00:52:29]-

Bryan Thrift: The biggest thing about dropping buoys on somewhere like the TVA, if you're on the main river it'll unwind the buoy. Like your buoy, once it hits bottom the water's moving so the buoy will keep unwinding.

Matt Arey: Yeah, you've got to keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't let out ... of course I don't put more than usually about 30ft of string on mine anyway. If you're marking stuff in 20-25ft and you lose five foot, it's not a big deal.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah.

Matt Arey: But if you've got 50ft of cord on your buoy, like Bryan said, and it unwinds and you get 25ft off your spot, that's a bad deal 'cause then you're casting back where your boat was sitting initially.

Bryan Thrift: Then if the current's strong enough, it's dragging your buoy so you may be following the buoy down the river if you're not marking landmarks.

Matt Arey: I can solve that. Just use a heavier weight. Ight. Let's see. Orange Tennessee hat, remove me as a top fan - Alan Roberts.

Jeff Walsh: Is that if we get it or if we don't get it?

Matt Arey: I take it you don't want us to order any or you do want us to order some. Lance Anderson said [Biffel 00:53:27] fixed Wheeler's hat. What'd Biffel do to his hat?

Bryan Thrift: I don't know. He must've got it [crosstalk 00:53:31]-

Matt Arey: I hope he did. I hope he took it and bent it up for him.

Jeff Walsh: Why does Bryan not run an Ultrex?

Matt Arey: Because Bryan doesn't like change.

Bryan Thrift: I don't like change.

Matt Arey: We've been ... Yeah, Bryan's anti-change. No doubt Bryan is anti-change. We almost hit 300 viewers tonight. We got close.

Bryan Thrift: We did. We did get real close. We had like 280-something at one time.

Matt Arey: 280-something. So let's see. Your two favorite jigs for skipping, Bryan? That's directed towards you from David Earl Thorton.

Bryan Thrift: I always have a half ounce. [crosstalk 00:54:01]

Matt Arey: What?

Bryan Thrift: What?

Matt Arey: Okay, go ahead, Bry.

Bryan Thrift: Always a half ounce. I usually always skip with a half ounce jig. My two favorite are Damiki Mamba Jig, the Mamba II 'cause it's got two different sizes of rubber in it, and then I throw a homemade shooter lure jig quite a big as well. Those are my two. Mamba Jig and the Shooter Jig.

Matt Arey: Yeah, I like the half ounce shooters. That's ... A half ounce is about all I ever skip. I don't know that I ever go to a 3/8, really.

Bryan Thrift: That's all I skip as well because if I want to change my [far-aid 00:54:35], I'll put a bigger trailer on or something used bigger line. There's a lot of things you can do, and we've talked about that several times on the show.

Matt Arey: Oh yeah, we gotta get a rat. Anthony, thanks for the reminder.

Bryan Thrift: Yes.

Matt Arey: We have to get-

Bryan Thrift: We gotta get us a feeder rat.

Matt Arey: 'Ey, you think Hadley would miss Skittles?

Jeff Walsh: Is that the one that's left?

Matt Arey: That's terrible. I should never have said that. Forgive me.

Jeff Walsh: Is that the one that's left? It's bad that you know which one's still living and I don't.

Matt Arey: The only ... Okay, let me introduce y'all to-

Bryan Thrift: Wait, if they're doomed to die anyway, why can't we just feed it to-

Jeff Walsh: That joker's huge.

Matt Arey: Skittles is like bigger than that cup, dude. Skittles might kill-

Bryan Thrift: He tried to eat Tater Hog's 17in swim [brake 00:55:11].

Matt Arey: That's true. Skittles is just daughter, Hadley's pet rat. He's pretty big. The reason I know his name, or her. Is it a he or a her?

Jeff Walsh: I don't know. I can't remember. It could go either way.

Matt Arey: Skittles could go either way.

Jeff Walsh: You were about to say do I know anything? Not about the rat.

Matt Arey: Not about the rat. That's what I was gonna ask you. Do you know anything about your daughter's rat? Alright. My daughter, Reese, was over here playing with Hadley the other day. Remember when we were running around doing some errands? I went up there, and my daughter would never touch, it's my oldest daughter Reese, would never ... She'd run through that wall trying to get away from a rat or a mouse, and I walk upstairs and what's she got in her hands?

Bryan Thrift: A rat.

Matt Arey: A rat. She's holding Hadley's rat like this. Like, "He's so cute. I want one."

Bryan Thrift: Is it a white rat?

Matt Arey: It's white and brown.

Bryan Thrift: See, it's a pretty rat. It's not an old nasty brown field rat. There's a difference.

Matt Arey: We're not gonna feel Hadley's rat to Mr. Wilson.

Bryan Thrift: I don't think that'll work out too well.

Matt Arey: That was a joke. We would never do that, but we do need to ... They have where we get our fish from at Fins and Critters, here in Shelby, they do have mice don't they?

Jeff Walsh: Absolutely.

Matt Arey: They have feeder mice. Jeff's over there grinning. He's excited. So we gotta remember that. Don't let me forget that. We have to get feeder mice for Mr. Wilson for the next show. It may not be the next show. It depends on what's available.

Bryan Thrift: Sometime in the near future.

Matt Arey: Sometimes in the next few weeks, few shows, we will have ... Oh, that's funny. He's talking about Skittles. Yeah, Skittles is a weird name for a rat.

Bryan Thrift: That is a weird name for a rat.

Matt Arey: I guess Hadley named him Skittles.

Bryan Thrift: We have a lot of questions here ... Wyatt Clark says, "Best way to buy bulk two stroke oil?" I'm gonna say go to your dealer. That's probably the best way.

Matt Arey: No.

Bryan Thrift: Angler's Choice.

Matt Arey: Nope.

Bryan Thrift: Really?

Matt Arey: Yep. Go to Walmart and buy Pennzoil Marine when it's on rollback. You can get it for $15.88 a gallon. Unless you buy it in a 55 gallon drum-

Bryan Thrift: When you say in bulk, I was thinking a big drum.

Matt Arey: I was just thinking a bunch of cases of single [inaudible 00:57:18], but.

Bryan Thrift: Gotchu, gotchu. See I was-

Matt Arey: In a 55 gallon drum, absolutely, you'd have to go to your dealer to buy it. I know some guys over the years that would fill up drums, and they'd just keep one at their house in their shop.

Bryan Thrift: Right. Yeah, I've seen that as well.

Matt Arey: But yeah, you could buy it on rollback at Walmart and you get Pennzoil Marine and it's $15 something a gallon.

Bryan Thrift: That's cheap.

Matt Arey: That's pretty damn cheap.

Bryan Thrift: That is real cheap.

Matt Arey: And normally I think when it's not on rollback, it's like $17.88, $18.88. Something like that. Let's see. Need to feed Wilson some frogs. I don't know if we can get any frogs. I don't know. Frogs we have to buy are probably expensive. They're like actual pet frogs.

Jeff Walsh: You know how much a tree frog, you know the little green tree frogs-

Bryan Thrift: They come from the Amazon.

Matt Arey: They sell those?

Jeff Walsh: They're like $40, $50 a piece. Next time you see one, you might want to grab it.

Matt Arey: I was about to say. We can go into business ourselves selling tree frogs.

Bryan Thrift: I see ... They're on my shop all the time, little tree frogs.

Matt Arey: Hey, Clarence Belcher's got a good-

Jeff Walsh: Wyatt Clark says yes a drum so I would say English Horse Marine.

Matt Arey: Yeah, English Twist Marine 100%.

Bryan Thrift: Exactly. See. There you go.

Matt Arey: Clarence Belcher said he doesn't like change, but look at that hat.

Bryan Thrift: That's right.

Matt Arey: So you gonna explain that?

Bryan Thrift: Can't explain anything I do. Just gotta go with it.

Matt Arey: Yeah, Jimmy. Absolutely it's gonna probably exist. In fact a lot of us shoot ... I don't know how many guys you talk about-

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, a lot of guys-

Matt Arey: 50 or 60 guys running Pennzoil Marine in-

Bryan Thrift: They run everything from the Evinrude G2s to the Mercurys, everything.

Matt Arey: Chuck Medley did ask ... He's talking about four strokes how often are you checking the oil? We don't run four strokes. We both-

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, I've never.

Matt Arey: We both run Evinrude G2s so we're adding oil to the reservoir when we get low, but to answer your question, Chuck, you're checking it ... You really don't have to change ... I would check it regularly just to be safe-

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, I'd probably check it every trip.

Matt Arey: Well you're a little OCD, but yeah. Better safe than sorry like Bryan said. Every trip is a lot, but I would check it every month, every other month. You only need to change it once a year, though. Or every 100 hours is what I would say. Which is definitely an advantage of a four stroke engine. Alright. Ron Charlie said as long as you don't start wearing skinny jeans.

Bryan Thrift: Ooo, that ain't gonna happen. Not after everything I ate at Christmas this year. Definitely not gonna be in skinny jeans.

Matt Arey: Matt Newman said, "When are you guys ever gonna be on the [Zona 00:59:41] show?" Well, maybe Mark's watching and he'll invite one of us to be on the show.

Bryan Thrift: You're gonna be over there with Zona this year.

Matt Arey: That's right. I'm gonna hit Zona up. I'm gonna have to get him to invite me on one of the shows. He runs a pretty good deal over there. That's ... It's an awesome fishing show. That's the name of it: Zona's Awesome Fishing Show. But it is a good show.

Matt Arey: Alright. We 8:00 yet, Bryan? We at 8:00?

Bryan Thrift: We are 8:01.

Matt Arey: 8:01, alright. So Bryan doesn't have to live in misery wearing a flat bill any longer.

Bryan Thrift: I think there's some people appreciate the flat bill.

Matt Arey: We are gonna go into our trivia question. Tonight I actually don't have a code that's good for our FLW membership so we're gonna give a BASS membership tonight.

Bryan Thrift: Alright.

Matt Arey: Alright so the winner tonight gets a membership to BASS which includes a similar membership package that FLW gives. You get the magazine subscription, tournament eligibility, you get a tackle pack. All the goods. So here we go. We ready? Ready.

Bryan Thrift: Jeff, do you know the answer?

Jeff Walsh: Yes.

Bryan Thrift: Jeff knows the answer. He's gonna call the winner. No one likes the flat bill. Okay, guys. We get it. Done with the flat bill. After tonight, I'll go back to a normal hat 'cause I don't really like it either 'cause it's hurting my head just a little bit, but you know. I'm toughing it out. I'm over here sweating. I'm like come on, 8:00. Let's go.

Matt Arey: I'm seeing answers to ... it never fails. I love it. Guys are throwing out-

Jeff Walsh: Where's Ernie Wallace? He had an answer again.

Matt Arey: Ernie must not be watching. Alright here we go. So what lake and what year ... now let me start back by saying if your family or you're another pro, you can't answer. Don't answer. Is that clear? We got that. Jimmy Durham picked up Ernie Slack. He said Jimmy Houston. But we mentioned Jimmy in the show tonight as a matter of fact.

Matt Arey: What lake and what year did Bryan and myself debut as professional anglers? Did I word that right?

Bryan Thrift: Yeah. I think you did.

Matt Arey: What lake and what year did Bryan and myself debut on as professional anglers? The first lake we fished-

Bryan Thrift: First professional tour.

Matt Arey: As a top tour professional angler. Not a costa, not a BFAL. Top level tour. What lake?

Jeff Walsh: [inaudible 01:02:07] 1967?

Matt Arey: What lake and what year?

Bryan Thrift: That wasn't even a thought at that time.

Matt Arey: Did we make our debuts as professional anglers? What lake and what year? We need the lake and the year. Alright. John Long said he's a lifetime member. He won't answer. You could give it to somebody, John. I'm sure you know somebody that would like to be a BASS member.

Bryan Thrift: Exactly.

Matt Arey: Yeah, you can always give it away. Pay it forward. Pay it back, pay it sideways. Whichever way you want to pay it. Alright. Let's see. Did we have any more ... I'm surprised nobody's got this yet.

Bryan Thrift: I told you it was gonna be harder. Matt thought this was gonna be easy.

Matt Arey: Norman of '95. I mean, how old do they think we are?

Bryan Thrift: No, I didn't fish '95, I was-

Matt Arey: '95?

Bryan Thrift: I was 15, 16.

Matt Arey: I was 14. Whatever you were [crosstalk 01:02:57], huh?

Jeff Walsh: I graduated high school in '95, yeah.

Matt Arey: I graduated in '99. Let's see. I am going down.

Jeff Walsh: I hope it's [inaudible 01:03:04] 2019.

Bryan Thrift: That's better than the 1004 at High Rock.

Matt Arey: So schedule. Bryan is leaving for Rayburn. Everyone wish Bryan good luck.

Bryan Thrift: Yes and Happy New Years again, everyone.

Matt Arey: Happy New Year. Is it Happy New Years or is it Happy New Year?

Bryan Thrift: New year because you're only having one year at the time.

Matt Arey: So no s on the end.

Bryan Thrift: No s on the end.

Matt Arey: I'm gonna agree with that. Rare, but I'm gonna agree with that.

Bryan Thrift: I'm surprised nobody's got this yet.

Matt Arey: There's been a lot of close ones.

Bryan Thrift: There has.

Matt Arey: But nobody's nailed it yet.Hey that was the ... it's funny because ... I'm gonna have to give them a hint.

Bryan Thrift: We're gonna have to give 'em a hint.

Matt Arey: And the reason ... The hint I'm gonna give 'em is everybody just assumes that the first tournament of the year is on a Florida fishery. It was not a Florida fishery. This lake was not in Florida.

Bryan Thrift: That's why the question is so tough.

Matt Arey: You're right. And I can't believe somebody hasn't just googled it and figured it out. It's an ancient secret.

Bryan Thrift: Here's another hint. I finished second.

Matt Arey: There you go.

Bryan Thrift: Twice there. I've been to this lake and finished second.

Matt Arey: Both times?

Bryan Thrift: Both times.

Matt Arey: When was the second one ... Oh no, I know. I know, nevermind. The answer is C. That is incorrect.

Bryan Thrift: Always C.

Matt Arey: So what've we got coming up? We got the tour even on Sam Rayburn.

Bryan Thrift: Tour event. Well let's start ... We got ... Make sure y'all check out the Amistad costa this week because that's kicking the whole year off. First kind of major tournament of the year. Then we've got the tour [avannet 01:04:42] Rayburn coming up which I'm leaving for Friday. We kind of got a little break after that, I think.

Matt Arey: Yeah. I don't leave 'til-

Bryan Thrift: When's your first event?

Matt Arey: The first week in February. At St. John's. And we got back to back. So once we get started, it rolls. We got first week of February St. John's, second week at [Lanier 01:08:29].

Bryan Thrift: Gotcha. Oh so y'all got back to backs.

Matt Arey: Yep. Then ... Man, this is gettin' 'em, boy.

Bryan Thrift: Yeah, this is gettin' 'em.

Matt Arey: I'm tellin' ya. I'm surprised.

Bryan Thrift: I'm seeing a lot of the right years, but I haven't seen the right lake yet.

Matt Arey: Yeah, a lot of people know when we initially started, what year we initially started, but nobody apparently knows the lake. Huh.

Bryan Thrift: I told you it was gonna be a hard one, Matt. Matt thought it was gonna be easy.

Matt Arey: Oh. Op.

Jeff Walsh: I hadn't seen it yet.

Matt Arey: I did.

Bryan Thrift: You got it? I don't have it either.

Matt Arey: I got one. Where's it at? Show me. James Moore Jr.

Bryan Thrift: See, I don't even have that.

Jeff Walsh: I ain't seen that one yet either.

Matt Arey: Flat Bill Lake 2007.

Bryan Thrift: There we go. I see it now.

Matt Arey: Wait. James Moore Jr.

Bryan Thrift: Jeff has called the winner. Jeff has already called the winner.

Jeff Walsh: It's up here.

Matt Arey: 2007?

Bryan Thrift: Yep. I see it right here on my feed as well.

Matt Arey: Alright. Yep. So I saw two pretty much at the same time, but one came through on Jeff's feed a little quicker. Jeff chose the winner. The winner is James Moore Jr. James, congrats. You win a BASS membership. You will need to send us a message with your name and mailing address-

Jeff Walsh: I'm pretty sure he won show.

Bryan Thrift: Did he really?

Matt Arey: James Moore Jr. Did?

Jeff Walsh: I don't know. That just sounds familiar. Did you just win, James?

Matt Arey: James, did you just win last show?

Bryan Thrift: Well what's that, an FLW membership?

Matt Arey: I see a bunch of right answers now.

Bryan Thrift: Well Google's kicking in now, dog.

Matt Arey: Google's kicking in now. Takes 'ema little bit.

Bryan Thrift: Google is alive and well.

Jeff Walsh: 2007 is the year.

Matt Arey: 2007 was the year. The lake was-

Bryan Thrift: Lake Travis.

Matt Arey: Lake Travis.

Bryan Thrift: In Texas.

Matt Arey: In Texas, that's right. So James Moore Jr., send us a message, private message, to our Facebook page with your name and address, all your mailing information, and that membership package will come direct from BASS. You won't get a code. Working a little bit differently with them, but they'll get you taken care of.

Matt Arey: Alright. Let's see. Guys, thanks for watching and wish Bryan-

Bryan Thrift: This has been a good New Year's show.

Matt Arey: Huh?

Bryan Thrift: This has been a good New Year's show.

Matt Arey: It's been a great New Year's show.

Bryan Thrift: It's pretty cool to actually have a show on New Year's Day.

Matt Arey: It's kinda surreal that it's 2019. I'll ... Any time I write the date for the next month, [crosstalk 01:07:19]-

Bryan Thrift: Oh yeah, right.

Matt Arey: 2018. I don't know how many of y'all do that, but I know I'll be doing it. So everybody wish Bryan good luck at Rayburn.

Bryan Thrift: Thank you guys.

Matt Arey: Safe travels. David Hendrix is watching. David, you're tuning in-

Bryan Thrift: Just a little late, David. But in time to see the flat bill.

Matt Arey: Yeah, just in time. I think word got out that you were wearing a flat bill. People are just now tuning in. So Morgan Summers, we said the answer was 2007 Lake Travis. That was in Texas. Alright, guys. Take care. Thanks for watching. We can't go fishing. We'll sit right here in the studio on Tuesday nights and do what, Bryan?

Bryan Thrift: Let's Talk Fish.

Matt Arey: We'll talk fishin'

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