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Let's Talk Fish - Weekly show talking all things fishing anchored by Bryan Thrift, Matt Arey, and Jeff Walsh.

Jan 21, 2019

Matt Arey: Young guns in the house.

Intro: Growing up on the water with fishing in their blood, Matt Arey and Bryan Thrift has spent the last 10 years competing against the biggest names in professional bass fishing. Their success is labeled in the top anglers in the world. If you're looking to become a better angler, then this show has all the answers. Join us and follow along to get actionable tips, tactics, and tried and true techniques directly from the pros. Welcome to Let's Talk Fish.

Matt Arey: Hi guys, we're back and thanks for joining. We had a 130 some viewers already tonight and we have a couple very special guests. We have 2018 Rookie of the Year, BASS Rookie of the Year Jake Whitaker in the house. Jake, thanks for being here.

Jake Whitaker: Thank you for having me.

Matt Arey: We got Shane Lehew aka Elite Series Rookie that I just found out because I didn't know the actual rules until Jake clarified those for me.

Shane Lehew: I think so.

Matt Arey: Anybody that thinks Shane shouldn't be a rookie, let us know, maybe we can get that changed because I don't think he qualifies to be a rookie. Apparently it's based on earnings. Right?

Jake Whitaker: I believe so.

Matt Arey: It's based on accumulative earnings and if you surpassed a certain point then you don't qualify as a rookie. If I gotta pick to win rookie of the year this year, since we can't pick Jake since he won it last year, he's no longer a rookie, I think I'm going to put my money on Lehew.

Jake Whitaker: Definitely.

Matt Arey: Yeah, so I'm going to put my money on Lehew.

Jeff Walsh: Right, because he doubles a PBA pro bowler.

Shane Lehew: And rodeo clown.

Matt Arey: And rodeo clown, yeah.

Shane Lehew: Jack of all trades.

Matt Arey: Real quick we have to give a shout out to Smoke, he's still driving, I think. He better still be driving if not he was lying to me.

Jeff Walsh: He actually was trying to make it back which is insane.

Matt Arey: Not for the show.

Jeff Walsh: He thought about it. Guaranteed.

Matt Arey: Well, I talked to him this morning, it was like 9:00, 10:00 and he was in Mississippi so, I knew that was a no go for the show tonight. We wanna to give a shout out to Thrift on his third place finish at San Rayburn and to Terry Bolton on the win because Terry and Shane knows him. Do you know Terry Jake?

Jake Whitaker: Just being around.

Matt Arey: A little bit.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Matt Arey: And Terry has been at this game for I wanna say about 25 years. He started fishing FLW since its inception I believe in 1996. He's one off the good guys, Terry's just as nice of guy you've ever met in your life. I told Bryan I wouldn't pull against you, I'm always pulling for my buddies. I said but to see Terry win, and I don't get emotional very often watching somebody else win, I got emotional when I won but watching somebody else win, but I got emotional when I saw Terry get the trophy onstage because I knew how long he'd been at it.

Matt Arey: He actually considered retiring this year and then he came back not out of retirement but, he decided to come back with some influence from his wife and a pretty good decision. Pretty good decision to [crosstalk 00:02:54].

Shane Lehew: That's usually when it happens.

Matt Arey: Or you have a baby or something like that. Guys that have babies on tour man, they're destined to win. I'm telling you. They're going to be dangerous but, all right. A little housekeeping real quick. Gotta announce a new partnership that we're very excited about with Let's Talk Fish, we've got a partnership for 2019 with Angler's Choice Marine which is where I get my boats through, Thrift gets his boats through, Jake also gets his boats through.

Jake Whitaker: Yep, just this year.

Matt Arey: And if you see some signage in the background, we got a hoodie hanging up, we got a special giveaway at the end of the show tonight. We're going to give away one of Angler's Choice high performance hoodies, one of their nice fitted 25th anniversary hats, I didn't mention that, it's their 25th anniversary so, they've been in business for 25 years. Congrats to Angler's Choice and they got open houses coming up Jeff's going to pop it up on the screen while I talk about it here. Yay, it worked. That a boy. Jeff is the man. If y'all didn't already know, Jeff's the man. The open houses, Jeff you wanna go over the dates since I can't see the picture?

Jeff Walsh: January 25th, 26th in Martinsville.

Matt Arey: In Martinsville, okay, so that ... I'm going to stop you there real quick because that is one that Jake and I will both be present at. I'm assuming we'll both be doing seminars there and we hope to see everybody at that one. Hank Parker, Denny Brower's on the list. Keith Combs in on the list I believe.

Jeff Walsh: [crosstalk 00:04:11] Pearson, yep.

Matt Arey: So there's a lot of big names are going to be at that open house. All right, okay, I've got it now so February 1st and second at the Spindale location and February 9th is at the Lexington North Carolina location. They have three locations, Martinville Virginia, Spindale North Carolina and Lexington North Carolina.

Matt Arey: Awesome people, awesome products and if you need a boat, have you been in the facility in Martinsville?

Jake Whitaker: A long time ago.

Matt Arey: Okay, if it's been a long time ago ...

Jake Whitaker: Yeah, so I haven't.

Matt Arey: Wait till you see it at the open house.

Jake Whitaker: Okay.

Matt Arey: It is unbelievable, it's a ... they have all their boats inside.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Matt Arey: It looks like a Bass Pro Shops in the back but, it's nothing but Ranger boats and Triton boats and everything all the way down both sides. It's pretty unbelievable. Anyway, Matt Hicks at Go Anglers, they are great people and they are. They'll get you hooked up. Justin Jones, that's right Terry Bolton did truly deserve it. He said he got emotional when he won too. I'm not the only one I might've shed a little tear when I was watching the weigh in. All right. Jake, congrats man, rookie of the year of 2018, first year on tour, how was it? I know your goals ... what were your goals going in 2018? Was it to win rookie of the year?

Jake Whitaker: Definitely one of my goals was to win rookie of the year but, being realistic, I'm a pretty realistic person, you're going to have struggles first year and you're going to have highs and you're going to have lows. My goal was to mitigate the lows and make sure my highs were, could shine.

Matt Arey: Right, right.

Jake Whitaker: But, yeah, definitely one of my goals was definitely to win rookie of the year, cash some checks, and just set myself up for the future.

Matt Arey: Right. I think you did that pretty darn well. Rookie of the year title, all five of the classics, correct?

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Matt Arey: Which is coming up pretty soon in March. Which we'll have a booth at by the way. That has been solidified, I didn't even tell Jeff. Let's Talk Fish will officially have a booth at the Bass Master Classic in 2019.

Jake Whitaker: Cool.

Matt Arey: Hopefully you're fishing the last day but if not hopefully we drop in.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah, hopefully.

Matt Arey: Shane you'll be there working right?

Shane Lehew: Yes, I'll be there.

Matt Arey: You're not going to be like Thrift, when I ask you a question you're like what? I wasn't listening to you. He never pays attention to me when I'm talking.

Shane Lehew: Somebody called me, I was trying to get this thing ...

Matt Arey: I gotcha, all right, we'll use that excuse. Guys, if you got any questions for Jake or for Shane, we got Shane Lehew in the house, I'm talking about Jake, sorry Shane.

Shane Lehew: That's okay, I'll sit over her in the corner by myself.

Matt Arey: I'm going to give Shane the mic just for a second because Shane's got something pretty cool that him and his family has started up there. It's a new tackle store at Lake Norman and I'm sure a lot of your local viewers have already been in. I dropped in for the first time the other day, I was up at Norman messing around with a buddy of mine and got some good stuff man. But, tell us about the new store and where it is and how they can get in touch with you.

Shane Lehew: It's on 7938 Unity Church Road and it's, actually if you guys are going towards Betty's Ford Landing, a lot of guys from Lake Norman area know where that is. We took it over from it used to be Tackle, Dustin just decided to let it go and we were fortunate enough to get it so, Dustin's a good friend of ours and we appreciate him helping us out on everything. We've taken it over and we've got a ton of new products in. Constantly getting new stuff.

Matt Arey: Y'all got some good stuff and some hard to find stuff too.

Shane Lehew: Yeah, we've got some off the wall stuff. Some custom crank baits, stuff like that. We're trying to get some Tater Hog baits but, that never works.

Matt Arey: Yeah you gotta watch him.

Shane Lehew: Yeah.

Matt Arey: What does he do? Does he just fish every ...

Jeff Walsh: As a matter of fact he left his hat here.

Shane Lehew: Yeah.

Matt Arey: He did, he actually left his hat here so. Somebody said a minute ago Whitaker needs to wear a flat bill if he's going to sit in Thrift's chair. Jeff actually had a, I don't know if you saw the show.

Jake Whitaker: I did, I watched that.

Matt Arey: He had a flat bill on.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah I did.

Matt Arey: I mean Thrift in a flat bill, that was enough for me.

Jake Whitaker: I will not be wearing a flat bill.

Matt Arey: I'd rather have Tater Hog back wearing that. That wig.

Shane Lehew: He needs to wear a flat bill.

Matt Arey: Who?

Shane Lehew: Thrift on tour.

Matt Arey: Oh Thrift? I agree. Look what he did, he wore it on the show and then he went and placed third.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Matt Arey: Of course third I mean, third's okay but, for Thrift, it's about average.

Shane Lehew: If he was wearing a flat bill, probably first.

Matt Arey: Yeah, that's right.

Shane Lehew: Block out all the haters.

Matt Arey: Kyle Hill had a question. He said do y'all ship?

Shane Lehew: Yes.

Matt Arey: Can they order anything online from your tackle store or anything like that?

Shane Lehew: Currently we don't have an online store right now.

Matt Arey: Okay.

Shane Lehew: We're working on that obviously.

Matt Arey: Okay.

Shane Lehew: Taking over a store is ... it takes a while to get it going. Get everything right.

Matt Arey: A bunch of people are already asking do you have a website? Sounds to me like you better get you a website.

Shane Lehew: Yeah, we're working on that. If you guys do call in, we're nice enough, we'll ship you some stuff obviously.

Matt Arey: You had some pretty good looking swim baits in the ... that's some Tater Hog stuff in there wasn't there?

Shane Lehew: No, we don't have any, no.

Matt Arey: You can't get him to make any can you?

Shane Lehew: We don't have any Hog swag yet as he would like to say.

Matt Arey: You can't get him to make any. I asked him how long it would take to make me the smaller, not the Uncle Ronny.

Shane Lehew: He'll tell you a couple months.

Matt Arey: Yeah, he was like a couple months.

Shane Lehew: Yeah, half a year.

Matt Arey: If you fish seven days a week, it's hard to make a swim bait isn't?

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Matt Arey: So we're at 226 viewers. Y'all, we've got some young guns in the house. Jake Whitaker and Shane Lehew tonight so, be sure to share the show. I hadn't said that in a while. Bryan gets mad, somebody got mad at me one time for telling everybody to share the show. Remember that?

Jeff Walsh: Yeah I do.

Matt Arey: Well, share the show. I don't know who that was but, I'm going to tell them like 10 times a night. Kevin Franklin said Jake Whitaker owes me a fishing trip.

Jake Whitaker: I probably owe a lot of people fishing trips.

Matt Arey: Well, while you owe me one too. All right. Anthony Randal said can I get a chance to win Hog's hat? They wanna win that Donald King.

Shane Lehew: You might as well raffle it off.

Matt Arey: We can't give that away man.

Jeff Walsh: Is it replaceable?

Matt Arey: I don't know, without his permission we can't give it away.

Shane Lehew: I would anyway.

Jake Whitaker: Silent auction.

Matt Arey: Shane Lehew can give it away, we can't Jeff.

Shane Lehew: Yeah, here, give it me, we'll give it away.

Matt Arey: We can do a giveaway tonight so, we'll have two giveaways at the end of the show. We've got the Angler's Choice high performance hoodie with an Angler's choice hat and we've got our regular membership giveaway. We're going to do ... I didn't know this but, do I need to trivia questions? Are we going to do two separate giveaways or are we just going to combine it all into one? What do you think? What do y'all think? Give them two opportunities? Two winners or one winner?

Shane Lehew: Two sounds better.

Matt Arey: Okay.

Jeff Walsh: Two winners, yeah.

Matt Arey: Great, now I gotta come up with another trivia question. I had one all set up and all ready and I was all excited about it. I got another one right here I think somewhere. I'll just scribble scrabble. All right. We will get ... somebody asked earlier what day I'll be at the Martinsville Angler's Choice open house, I'll be there both days Friday and Saturday. You be there both days?

Jake Whitaker: Friday and Saturday.

Matt Arey: All right, cool.

Jeff Walsh: I got the question.

Matt Arey: What?

Jeff Walsh: I'll handle the second question.

Matt Arey: You'll handle the second trivia question?

Jeff Walsh: I got it.

Matt Arey: Okay, I'm going to do the one that I've already got, I'll do the Angler's Choice giveaway and then the second will be for the ...

Jeff Walsh: I got the Angler's Choice giveaway, you have the trivia.

Matt Arey: But, really? You're going to argue about that? You're going to fight me over that?

Jeff Walsh: Just trust me.

Matt Arey: Okay, all right. All right, I'll trust you. First time for everything. Lucky hat, Jimmy Barns, you'll probably never see me in a flat bill. I can about guarantee that. Hank's win at Norman, I hate to mention Hank Jerry's win at Norman, Hank's not here but we can talk about Hank when he's not here. He cracked almost 19 pounds in the tournament. What tournament? Was that the Winter Trail tournament?

Shane Lehew: Yeah, I think that was Sunday.

Matt Arey: Yeah, second place was 18 wasn't?

Shane Lehew: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jake Whitaker: Yeah, it wasn't far off.

Matt Arey: So they crushed them.

Shane Lehew: I think Craig Chambers finished second.

Matt Arey: I get that was bitter sweet. Him and Hank used to fish together.

Shane Lehew: Yeah.

Matt Arey: Yeah. We've got Guy Aker watching. We have a legend watching. Y'all don't get nervous or anything but [crosstalk 00:12:04].

Jeff Walsh: He just popped on.

Matt Arey: Yeah, I saw that. What's up Guy? All right, we're going to start taking some questions.

Jeff Walsh: Trey Dotson is already answering the trivia question.

Matt Arey: I like that Trey. You know what? Trey actually sent me a message the other day, he didn't know about the free decal deal.

Jeff Walsh: I got you.

Matt Arey: Trey, send us a message with your address and I'll ... this doesn't apply to everybody. Let me tell you why it only applies to Trey, Trey ... go ahead Jeff.

Jeff Walsh: Trey, let me put Jake back up here. If you look over Jake's head there in the vintage Pennzoil uniform, Matt has yet to wear.

Matt Arey: I will wear that on the show one night. I promise Trey.

Jeff Walsh: Shirt and pants, that came from Trey. Our basket of Christmas nuts ...

Matt Arey: I'm glad you said Christmas nuts.

Jeff Walsh: Also came from Trey. We didn't know it at the time. We did the whole sticker giveaway as a [crosstalk 00:13:03].

Matt Arey: That's right.

Jeff Walsh: We didn't know at the time. And of all people that need a decal.

Matt Arey: Yep.

Jeff Walsh: It needs to be Trey.

Matt Arey: And in Trey's defense, he didn't know where the link was in the closed group.

Jeff Walsh: Absolutely send us your address and we'll get you something that's going to be more than a decal, how about that?

Matt Arey: There you go. All right, they asked where the mouse was to feed Mr. Wilson.

Jeff Walsh: I couldn't fit it past the 64 fish.

Matt Arey: He ate 60 some goldfish earlier today.

Jeff Walsh: 64.

Matt Arey: Or feeder fish, sorry goldfish might not be politically correct. I don't know if I'm supposed to call them gold fish or not. Anyway, next week, can we do some ice next week? Thrift's going to be back on the show.

Jeff Walsh: You're serious?

Matt Arey: Yeah, I'm serious. Why? That's not a joking matter. All right, next week, even if I have to get them, they do have those in stock right? Fins and Critters?

Jeff Walsh: Yes, I'm sure.

Matt Arey: Okay. How many you think you can eat?

Jeff Walsh: All of them.

Matt Arey: All right, next week, and I'm going to guarantee this, only if we get the 300 viewers today. We're at 245. Okay, go ahead Jeff.

Jeff Walsh: Let me update the decals. Jeremy asked where his decals, he's been looking for them. Everybody's getting their decals with holidays, Matt's schedule, Thrift's schedule, it was a little tough because it's not only a decal coming, we got a little special gift in there for everybody. That is pretty cool so, we had to align everyone's schedule. Literally Thrift will be back tomorrow to finish his part and the envelope's already addressed, stamped, ready to roll.

Matt Arey: All the envelopes are addressed and stamped guys.

Jeff Walsh: It'll be worth it.

Matt Arey: It's not just a decal coming your way. We added a little special gift in that envelope and we just have to wait for Thrift to get back and finish [crosstalk 00:14:53].

Jeff Walsh: [crosstalk 00:14:53] had to finish third so, it took him a little while to get back.

Matt Arey: Yeah. That's right and then they delayed it an extra day. All right. I saw some questions on here earlier but, I'll wait a little bit. I lost my train of thought. What was I talking about before you ...

Jeff Walsh: Mice.

Matt Arey: Mice. That's right. If y'all share the show tonight, and get us to 300 viewers, I guarantee there'll be mice next for Mr. Wilson, for your viewing pleasure. If that's not an awesome guarantee, I don't know what is. Come dude, who doesn't wanna watch a bass eat live mice.

Jeff Walsh: He'll eat it.

Matt Arey: It's going to be crazy.

Jake Whitaker: Have we ever done frogs or anything like that?

Matt Arey: I haven't done frogs. I mean the problem is that the frogs that you buy at a pet store are designer frog.

Jeff Walsh: It's 40 dollars.

Matt Arey: Yeah. The little pac-man frogs, the real fat ones where all you see is their eyeballs.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Matt Arey: They're like 25 bucks and stuff.

Jeff Walsh: Eight dollars every [crosstalk 00:15:42].

Matt Arey: I'm pretty sure you can get a feeder mouse for a dollar. Feeder mice coming up. I already see us jumping up to almost 260 just like that. Share the show, you're going to get feeder mice for Mr. Wilson next week. All right.

Matt Arey: I saw a question here earlier, a lot of guys said they saw you at the Raleigh show this week.

Jake Whitaker: Yes, I had an awesome time there.

Matt Arey: Up there working for ALS Rods?

Jake Whitaker: Yep. And True South.

Matt Arey: And True South, yeah. True South makes some good stuff.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Matt Arey: They got some pretty slick stuff too. Justin Jones is asking about the Alabama rig Shane, Shane's baits has a website they can order the Alabama rigs.

Shane Lehew: Yeah, we do.

Matt Arey: Is that

Shane Lehew: It is.

Matt Arey: is where you can get the custom best Alabama rig on the market which they've been biting that pretty much all over the place lately.

Shane Lehew: We're having trouble keeping them in stock right now.

Matt Arey: There you go.

Shane Lehew: They must be biting them about everywhere.

Matt Arey: I know what Shane will be doing when he leaves here. He'll be going home to make more Alabama rigs.

Shane Lehew: Yeah.

Matt Arey: Anthony if you heard that, we will have mice if we get the 300 viewers, we'll have mice next week for Mr. Wilson. All right. I'm going to catch up to everybody, see, that's awesome Bryant Clair said you all are the best, we appreciate that. What day can I come meet Shane Lehew to show him some tricks Brandon [Shilders 00:16:57] asked that. Is that one of your buddies?

Shane Lehew: Yeah.

Matt Arey: Okay.

Shane Lehew: He needs to be shown some tricks that's for sure.

Matt Arey: All right, here we go. First questions coming for Shane. If the water is under 60 degrees, do you Carolina rig off of ledges or in hollows of the creeks? Now the hallows I'm assuming he's talking about the ditches and things like that. Under 60 degrees. Honestly, I don't throw a Carolina rig enough to really even answer that question. I'm not even qualified to answer that question. What about y'all? Carolina rigging, come on, y'all Carolina riggers. You're from the Carolinas.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah, points are big. Hartwell is a big place where I fish. Before the move up to spawn, they move up shallow on the points.

Matt Arey: Right.

Jake Whitaker: It doesn't necessarily have to be out on the ledges or even in the ditches or whatever.

Matt Arey: That's what ... I don't like a lot of vertical. If I am throwing a Carolina rig, I don't like it to be real vertical.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Matt Arey: I don't like bluff ins and things like that. I'd rather have a gradual slope than anything that drops off super fast. If it drops off really fast, I'm usually going to something like Shaky Head or Jig or something like that.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Matt Arey: You?

Shane Lehew: I'm on the same page, yeah.

Matt Arey: All right let's see.

Shane Lehew: I don't Carolina rig a whole lot.

Matt Arey: Yeah. I watch those guys at Rayburn and FLW and they're like, all of them are throwing a rig. I don't know if I'm jealous of rig throwing or not.

Shane Lehew: In short grass, right?

Matt Arey: yeah, that's right. Little hard spots in the grass and things like that. Congrats to Gina, she said she caught her first bass on Lake Linear today. Jack Hyles says Shane's A rigs are the best. I have to agree. Smoke was throwing a Carolina rig this week.

Shane Lehew: He was.

Matt Arey: Y'all better write that down because it's rare that he slows down. All this stuff about him, we can talk about him all we want because he ain't here. All this talk about him jumping around and running and gunning and things like that, that son of a gun sat on the same spot for four days. He spent ... what's eight times four Jeff?

Jake Whitaker: 32.

Jeff Walsh: 19.

Matt Arey: He spent 19 days, no he spent 32 hours basically on the same spot the entire tournament. Bryan's good enough to where when he knows he has to slow down, he slows down.

Jeff Walsh: He's done it before.

Matt Arey: Oh yeah, absolutely.

Jeff Walsh: Not a lot.

Matt Arey: He done it at Kentucky Lake. Some of the ledge tournaments and stuff like that and grass lakes are big. They said when they found them at Rayburn and I talked to him this morning on the phone while he was driving, he said when you found them, it wasn't easy to find them but, when you found them, it was every cast. I watched Bolton live on Monday. Yesterday morning dude, the first spot that he pulls up to, he might not have caught one every cast but, he had a bite every cast for 40 casts. It was a lot of fund to watch. Jeff Davis said he was there and he pounded them.

Matt Arey: One of y'all text Hog and see if y'all can give his hat away. Man they want that hat.

Jeff Walsh: That would be epic.

Matt Arey: They want that hat.

Jeff Walsh: That would be awesome.

Matt Arey: Hey Shane, you wanna shoot him a text and see if we can ...

Shane Lehew: I'll shoot him a text.

Matt Arey: See if we can give his hat away. he'll know what it is.

Shane Lehew: He needs to be watching.

Jeff Walsh: Autographed hair.

Matt Arey: Autographed, he didn't sign it.

Jeff Walsh: Y'all can all sign it.

Matt Arey: Oh yeah. We're going to sign a wig that was on Matt McBee's head.

Jeff Walsh: Absolutely. Who wants that? Give us a thumbs up in the feed if you want it.

Matt Arey: Oh Jay Mack, that's an interesting question. I'm not real sure, he said give your perspective on the loons that poach Thrift's fish. Y'all know what he's talking about. That might have been something on live or something.

Shane Lehew: Yeah, I missed ... I saw some loons in the background..

Jeff Walsh: equals third.

Matt Arey: I like it. Thank you Mike Harris, I hope Thrift's watching on his drive home. He might already be home but, Mike Harris said, Thrift needed an Ultrix on Rayburn. Thrift and argued, he hates change, okay? But when you're sitting there on an offshore spot and you're making such a specific cast, and he's having to run that trolling motor to get him back up. I know he's got GPS and he's got his line up and he's got his way points and all that stuff, that's great but, he's lying when he says Ultrix wouldn't have come in handy in a tournament like that. Like I said, he's not here so, I'm going to talk about him. He's come home with 40 grand in his pocket, I'm sure he's all right. He can take a little picking. All right, question for you Jake, this comes from Jack Hyle, he said how would he catch a better fish on Harrtwell right now? They've just been catching a lot of smaller spots. What would be your key on catching a better fish, a better quality fish, above average fish on Lake Hartwell right now?

Jake Whitaker: I would probably have to say due to all the rain that we've been having, I would say that a lot of the creeks are stained.

Matt Arey: I'm sure, yeah.

Jake Whitaker: In the backs and if it were me trying to catch a better fish, I would be square billing, spinner baiting, chatter baiting, something like that. Dirty water.

Matt Arey: All right, so there you go and that's always a good way to catch kicker large mouth down there. Do split rings affect jerk baits? This one's from Jeff Fox and crank baits, I've heard some take them off and some tie directly to the eye of the bait. I've always used split rings, for the most part do you y'all use split rings? I've seen guys take them off and use snaps too. I've seen guys even tie a loop knot in some of them. I don't like that because it grinds on the line when you're using light line, light flora carbon and things like that. Are y'all split ring guys?

Shane Lehew: Yeah, definitely.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Shane Lehew: For sure.

Matt Arey: Okay, so Jeff, that's pretty unanimous. We all use split rings on our jerk baits and crank baits. I keep an eye on those split rings and if they get a little bent out of shape, or they get a little rusted or they get a rough spot in them, you don't wanna make your line ... I got to where, I don't know even know what they're called but, they're more of an oval than they are a circular.

Jake Whitaker: Yes, yep.

Matt Arey: I like those a lot better. It seems to me that it stays a little bit truer. It still can swing but, I don't know, I think it's personal preference I guess but, I got to where I use those a lot more than the regular circular split rings.

Matt Arey: Perfect spinner bait rod. Some people want one, Logan Taylor was asking, with a little bit more backbone. I like a 7 2, 7 3 Jake, you're a pretty big guy, I'm a pretty tall guy, Shane's a little shorter but do you like a longer rod or shorter rod? I know what Thrift would say if he was here.

Shane Lehew: 7 3, medium heavy, yeah.

Matt Arey: So, we all on the same page. 7 3 medium heavy to me is about an ideal action for a good spinner bait rod. The same rod I use for chatter bait a lot too.

Shane Lehew: Yeah.

Matt Arey: Especially when I'm in grass and things like that. If y'all see a question that I miss and y'all wanna address it, y'all let me know. I hate going for a mullet Josh Calvin but, I'm getting close.

Shane Lehew: You're getting close yeah.

Matt Arey: Maybe I'll just shave the front of my head.

Shane Lehew: Go Joe Dirt this year.

Matt Arey: Go Joe Dirt on them this year. That's right. Oh, Trey Dawson said Thrift actually hooked a loon.

Jake Whitaker: Oh Lord, I did not see that.

Matt Arey: I didn't know that.

Jake Whitaker: I did not see that.

Matt Arey: That's interesting. I've never been a good enough to fool one but I guess Thrift is.

Shane Lehew: Not only catches bass.

Matt Arey: I'm still having a problem Jeff with seeing a complete comment.

Jeff Walsh: Because you have an iPhone2.

Matt Arey: It's not an iPhone2, it's a 6S.

Jeff Walsh: That needs to be charged every 30 seconds.

Matt Arey: Hey we almost hit 300 viewers by the way, I saw 297 so we're almost there. Chad E. Butler said we need to do a show on your favorite knot that you like to tie. As far as knots man, I'm a palmar knot, occasionally I'll use a loop knot. What'd we decided the name of the knot was that we tie our braided flora carbon? What do you use Jake braid flora?

Jake Whitaker: Here lately I've been doing a double uni.

Matt Arey: What about you Shane?

Shane Lehew: FG.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah that one too.

Matt Arey: Which one's the FG, is that the one that we use? Is that the one that Bryan and I use? We don't even know what it's called. We make a loop in the flora carbon, take the braid through it and wrap it around ...

Jake Whitaker: Yeah, yeah.

Matt Arey: He's shaking his head you're shaking yes.

Jake Whitaker: I don't know.

Shane Lehew: That's not the FG.

Matt Arey: Okay. That's not the FG, that's like a uni knot.

Jake Whitaker: Yes.

Matt Arey: Okay, yep. Gotcha. What's the FG? I've heard of it.

Shane Lehew: It's complicated.

Matt Arey: So why do you tie it?

Jake Whitaker: It's the one that takes like 10 minutes to tie.

Shane Lehew: No it doesn't take me that long to tie it.

Matt Arey: That's good, that's 10 more minutes we have to fish while he's tying knots.

Shane Lehew: I've honestly ... because I've broke the double uni.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah, yeah.

Shane Lehew: I've broke all of them.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Shane Lehew: But that one, on guide trips and stuff [crosstalk 00:25:13].

Jeff Walsh: We just broke 300 by the way so you're going to buy mice.

Matt Arey: All right, guaranteed mice for next Tuesday, I've got it. I promise unless for some reason Fins and Critters has run out of them

Jeff Walsh: No you gotta catch them.

Matt Arey: Then we'll ... catch them?

Jeff Walsh: You live on a farm.

Matt Arey: The way I catch them you can't feed them to him because they dead.

Jeff Walsh: Just shake them.

Matt Arey: And he likes stuff that's moving.

Jeff Walsh: Just shake it.

Matt Arey: Just shake it?

Jeff Walsh: He'll eat it.

Matt Arey: You're right, actually you're right. If he'll attack a 16 inch swim bait that Tater Hog made floating on top of the water in the aquarium, he probably would eat a dead mouse or whatever it is. Dustin Mowens, we are not coming to Lake Conra with MLF, we're all fishing the Bass Master Elite Series so we will not be present but, we will be in my opinion, at the best lake in Texas the first week of May for the TTTBC at Lake Fork. If you wanna see some big ones, whether one of us catches them or not, I guarantee you'll see some giants at Lake Fork in May. That's a guarantee. Keith Combs will be fishing in that tournament.

Jake Whitaker: Yes.

Matt Arey: He's probably be the one as usual but, we're going to do our best to knock him off his throne down there. I think he won ... I know the first TTTBC I fished at down there back when they let the FLW qualifiers fish it, he won that one by I don't know, it was three days. He like 110 pounds.

Jake Whitaker: Oh yeah.

Matt Arey: For three days.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Matt Arey: No granted they were all off shore, we're there a little earlier so it could make it interesting. I think they'll be a lot of different interesting ways to catch them. But, they'll be a 10 pounder caught in that one. It will take a double digit fish to win that truck.

Matt Arey: Brandon Childers said how bad did your grandpa beat you today? Did y'all go fishing?

Shane Lehew: I did, yeah.

Matt Arey: I thought you had a tackle store you had to work at?

Shane Lehew: No, dad was around the tackle store.

Matt Arey: Okay.

Shane Lehew: I went fishing last night.

Matt Arey: You and your

Shane Lehew: Then I woke up as seven, went fishing again this morning.

Matt Arey: I saw your post.

Shane Lehew: Yeah, I only fished till like nine last night.

Matt Arey: But you caught them though didn't ya?

Shane Lehew: Yeah, it was pretty fun. Last night was fun, this morning was fun and then about nine O'clock I should've went home.

Matt Arey: So you and your grandpa fished head-to-head?

Shane Lehew: There's a little 5 dollar Tuesday tournament.

Matt Arey: Five dollars Tuesday tournament like that.

Shane Lehew: Yep. I jump in at about once every two months.

Matt Arey: How many ... so my grandfather used to play in a weekly golf tournament and they would bet quarters.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Shane Lehew: Sometimes there'll get like 30 boats on a Tuesday.

Matt Arey: so there might be 150 dollars to win if I did my math right.

Shane Lehew: Actually it's six dollars because it's a dollar big fish.

Matt Arey: I hear yeah Jeff. It was how much?

Shane Lehew: Six bucks.

Matt Arey: So who won?

Shane Lehew: Grandpa.

Matt Arey: Oh, okay, he took all the money.

Shane Lehew: Yeah.

Matt Arey: How many boats?

Shane Lehew: See, what he did, what he always does wherever we fished this past weekend, that's what he's going to run on Tuesday so, grandpa, I hope you're watching, I know you ran my juice.

Matt Arey: You ran Lehew's juice, beat him at his own game. I like it.

Shane Lehew: For a fact.

Matt Arey: There's a question to you Jake from a John Martin, since Jake is a true south we'll throw in a couple pulse blades and buzz bates for the giveaway, so is John the owner of True South?

Jake Whitaker: John is.

Matt Arey: Okay. All right, so that's pretty awesome. Couple pulse blades and buzz baits for the giveaway. We can either throw that in the Angler's Choice giveaway or ... we'll throw it in the Angler's Choice giveaway because we'll have to get their name and address anyway and that's going to be dropped shipped from Angler's choice direct and he can drop ship that stuff from True South.

Jake Whitaker: Yep.

Matt Arey: Appreciate the donation.

Jake Whitaker: That's awesome, appreciate it.

Matt Arey: I'm glad I saw that, that's pretty cool, that was pretty cool. What's up Tom, Tom thanks for tuning in. Anthony Randal said the same thing, when we was talking about split rings, he said oval split ring crank baits. I don't get to see comments like that very often so I'm just going to read it. Anthony Randal said Matt is 100% right on oval split rings. If Thrift was here I ...

Jeff Walsh: That is rare.

Matt Arey: I would probably screenshot that and make him read it over and over and over and over again.

Shane Lehew: He would probably disagree.

Matt Arey: James Wiley, Jeff mentioned that earlier about the LTF decals. Yes we've got all the decals but we're adding something else in each and every one of you guys and gals that signed up for a free decal in the envelope so, we're giving you a special gift in there with it. That will be on its way hopefully within the next week or so we'll get those in the mail but, I promise they're coming, just be patient with us.

Matt Arey: Allen Cole, thanks buddy. He said he's here so the party can start. Sorry he's late. Best contact rod. That's a good question Paul Jackson asks the best rod for contact. Scott Martin who I roomed with last year has completely changed my outlook on the right contact rod. I'll let you guys tell what your favorite setup is for throwing a contact, the model, the length, the action whatever brand rod you like to throw you can mention and ...

Jake Whitaker: What size are we talking?

Matt Arey: Well contacts I'm assuming Paul you're talking the three eighths, not the big giant like five eighths but, three threes, three eighths, things like that. The most common size that we all throw, I'm sure than anything.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Matt Arey: Favorite contact rod. Action, length, go ahead Jake.

Jake Whitaker: I'm going to give you two answers because, this year I threw a contact a lot and I threw it a lot on a spinning reel. Eighth ounce head, seven foot medium, the ALX Ico series, the Shake seven.

Matt Arey: Shake seven?

Jake Whitaker: Shake seven is what I threw it on this year. If you're throwing it on a bait caster, quarter ounce weight, whatever weight you're throwing it on, probably the ALZ Zolo Deputy. It's a seven foot one, it's a medium heavy rod but, I think it leans more toward the medium aspect of that. That's what I throw.

Matt Arey: Okay, and a lot of rods out there but, you're around a seven, seven one for the most part.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Matt Arey: What about you Shane?

Shane Lehew: Same way, I'm a seven foot medium heavy Fantasy, it's got a little backbone if you get out on a long cast, usually I throw it on a three sixteenths or a quarter ounce head like Jake was talking. If I throw a three three or three sixteenths, or a three eight. It's got a pretty soft tip.

Matt Arey: All right. Y'all are going to laugh at me because I'm so ... and I used to use pretty much the same rods that y'all just mentioned, I used to use a seven foot medium, it was a ... it was more like a medium heavy but it was labeled a medium. It had a decent backbone but a pretty soft tip. I always used around a seven foot rod and then Scott got me using a seven eleven now y'all might laugh about that but, when I'm fishing now, unless I'm skipping docks, it's different. I'm not skipping docks with a swim bait, this is fishing open water. Brush piles, things like that, shoals, offshore.

Matt Arey: This seven eleven, it's loose, it's got a medium heavy crank and a seven eleven stick and I have to get you guys the model number, but that seven eleven, what it did for me and I'd use eight or ten pound line, and I'd use a six three to one reel, and I could absolutely launch that thing and it was a medium heavy crank bait rod. It wasn't designed for 10XDs and things like that, it was more like your 5XDs and your series six and your 10 to 15 foot divers. It's very similar cause it's so long, the fish will just, they hook themselves, they load up on it. It's got plenty of backbone, but it's got the length to where you can absolutely just bomb that bait. First I was like y'all, I was like seven eleven for throwing a contact, then when you do it, you're like this is the deal.

Jake Whitaker: Why haven't I been doing it?

Matt Arey: This is the deal. I'm telling you, you guys should try that. Try using a seven eleven when you're fishing the contact or a little paddle tail swim bait in open water. I was impressed and I won't go back to anything else.

Matt Arey: Anthony said Matt spend some money and get an iPad for the show. How many iPads we got? One, two, three we got all kinds of iPads. That's how y'all see us. We have iPads. iPhone 6S, Andy, Andy Markel gave me the little iPhone 6.

Jeff Walsh: His phone is horrible.

Matt Arey: So my six is better than Andy's? Do you like the FG knot? Well I guess one of us at the table does. Shane uses the FG knot all the time.

Shane Lehew: It is weird to tie.

Matt Arey: Literally how long does it take you to tie?

Shane Lehew: Not that long now.

Matt Arey: If you're just learning.

Shane Lehew: 20 seconds.

Matt Arey: Forever.

Jake Whitaker: If you're just learning, it's a good five, ten minute.

Shane Lehew: I put the braid in my mouth, hold the braid with my teeth, then do the rest with [crosstalk 00:33:34].

Jake Whitaker: I think that is the hardest part of tying it is figuring out [crosstalk 00:33:37] what to hold, yeah.

Matt Arey: Figuring how to hold it.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Matt Arey: To me tying the line, the line tight knot, that's the biggest challenge is figuring out how to hold everything.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Matt Arey: Once you figure that, get a method going, then it becomes a lot easier and more efficient.

Shane Lehew: There's an easier way, I think Marty Robinson, Brandon Cobb told me about it but, he does some crazy [crosstalk 00:33:56] yeah, he does some crazy stuff with his hands and I have no idea so I just ...

Jake Whitaker: So he actually showed you and you still didn't understand it.

Shane Lehew: No he didn't show me, he showed Cobb and Cobb tried to figure it out and he couldn't.

Jake Whitaker: Oh, you're talking about Marty does it.

Shane Lehew: Yeah.

Jake Whitaker: Okay.

Shane Lehew: I found the knot online. I mean literally, I was just going through saltwater knots.

Matt Arey: Gotcha.

Shane Lehew: I was playing around with it, but it holds up really well.

Matt Arey: Gotcha. Mark Mason said the Alberta knot, Jmac said if you miss two strikes on a crank bait, do you change hooks? What do you all do? I usually just change colors before I start changing hooks. I always have new hooks on my crank baits. If you start missing fish on a crank bait, what do y'all do first?

Shane Lehew: Color, yeah most of the time. If you're not catching a bunch of fish, obviously if you're catching like 20 fish on one bait, then you start losing them, then yeah, you probably worn out the hooks.

Matt Arey: Right.

Shane Lehew: Because you wear out the hooks a lot depending on what you're cranking, rock, stuff like that.

Matt Arey: Yeah. While we're at it, what hooks do you y'all run ... let's just talk about shallow running cranks, square bills, and things like that. Not necessarily sizes because, it varies per bait. What are y'all's favorite hooks to run with crank bait? Just in general?

Shane Lehew: Mine right now are the Berkley Fusion, they're round bends.

Matt Arey: Okay.

Shane Lehew: Those things are the sharpest hooks I've ever seen. I've had some hooks in that past like even starting straighten out a little bit or bend a little bit, they don't.

Matt Arey: Yeah.

Jake Whitaker: I've gotta agree.

Matt Arey: You like that Berkley Fusion?

Jake Whitaker: I do and I'll tell you where ...

Matt Arey: I haven't used this hook.

Jake Whitaker: Where I got turned on to it was on the second year I fished the opens.

Matt Arey: Okay.

Jake Whitaker: Top water, small mouth.

Matt Arey: Yep.

Jake Whitaker: They were eating it, they were crazy but, you would lose some of them. Believe it or not, the tackle store had no other treble hooks besides those. Bottom, never lost a fish.

Matt Arey: It worked.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Matt Arey: Yeah. That's the biggest thing like throwing a jerk bait up north a lot, and I've always used round bends, the bronze hooks and the downfall of that hook is they'll stick you if you look at them wrong but, they will bend on you. In throwing a jerk bait up north, and catching them small mouth and three and four pound small mouth jumping five feet out the water and stuff, about every fish or every other fish, you're going to either have to change the hook or you're going to have to straighten one back out.

Jake Whitaker: Yep.

Matt Arey: That's the only downfall. Are they great hooks? Absolutely, they're killer hooks. All right, I'm seeing everybody's comments that we hit over 300 viewers, we absolutely did, so we will have some mice to Mr. Wilson next week. I hope he is watching, they'll get a kick out that. 321, we actually hit, oh wow, we're at 325. This is pretty awesome. Blake Parish said Thrift and I are tying the Alberto know. I always thought it was the uni knot.

Shane Lehew: I think that's what I used to tie.

Matt Arey: We still don't know what we're tying. We've talked about that before. Any questions for Jake and Shane, be sure to shoot them over guys, Joel Fry, thanks for tuning in. He's tuning in from California. What time is it in California Jeff help me out here. I can't do math, remember? Four hours earlier right?

Jeff Walsh: I'm not listening to you, what did you say?

Matt Arey: You're just doing that because Thrift's not here. So, you're going to take his place and just pretend like you're not paying attention.

Jeff Walsh: No, what did you say really? I had my earphones on.

Matt Arey: Nothing, don't worry about it. Oh yeah Trey, that's interesting man. Did we hit a new record for viewers tonight? [crosstalk 00:37:19] we've been in the 300s several times but [crosstalk 00:37:22].

Jeff Walsh: I think we hit 350 one time because I think one of the first white ninja crawfish was a 350.

Matt Arey: Oh yeah, was that a 350 with ... let's see, Tim Fredrick had your way this weekend. Oh, that's Lineburger telling Tim he's headed down there. I wonder what Lineburger's going there for. Lineburger fishing the coast of something?

Jake Whitaker: Yes, he said he is.

Matt Arey: Oh, okay.

Jake Whitaker: He's fishing the coast for the open.

Matt Arey: Oh, I didn't see Tim was on, what's up Tim, thanks for tuning in. Florida Hammer there and them boys will have fun down there so they're headed to the coast and that's at Okeechobee?

Jake Whitaker: Yes.

Matt Arey: That water is really low there. That should be an interesting tournament, or it was really low, I don't know if it still is. What's so funny Jeff? I missed it.

Jeff Walsh: Anthony Renner said I'm acting like Smoke, I guess not listening to you.

Matt Arey: Yeah that's right, exactly right. Randy McCudy said looking for a dual bow mount for my electronics, what do you guys recommend? Ranger Boat Randy, you need to call Van Foster at Bass Boat technologies, are you all in agreance with that?

Jake Whitaker: Yes.

Matt Arey: I know there's a couple different companies out there that make them but, I'll tell you Van was the very first one in the industry period to make any kid of single or dual mount for bass boats and I promise you, you won't be disappointed with Van's work. Look up Bass Boat technologies and give Van a call Randy and you won't be disappointed.

Matt Arey: Let's see, Jake and Shane, this is from Vernon Kemp to both of you guys, do you guys feel like a spinning rod is better than a casting rod for a hard jerk bait? Probably know what both y'all are going to say but, go ahead either one of you. Who wants to answer first? Shane go ahead.

Shane Lehew: I always throw my own bait caster. Now when you said the legend's watching, Guy Eaker, he throws his own spinning rods.

Matt Arey: Guy throws a jerk bait on a spinner rod?

Shane Lehew: Yeah.

Matt Arey: Interesting. I didn't know that.

Shane Lehew: Yeah and I think he throws braid a lot honestly.

Matt Arey: Really? With a flora liter or ...

Shane Lehew: I think just straight braid.

Matt Arey: Straight braid.

Shane Lehew: Yep, I usually throw mine on a six ten medium 10 pound flora carbon most of the time.

Matt Arey: Okay. Now when you get to the bigger jerk baits, bigger, deeper diving, heavier jerk baits are you still on that six ten medium?

Shane Lehew: I'll go to a seven foot medium most of the time.

Matt Arey: Okay.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah, pretty much the same way. LX actually has a KellyJ jerk bait rod.

Matt Arey: Okay. How long is that rod?

Jake Whitaker: It's six ten, seven foot.

Matt Arey: Gotcha.

Jake Whitaker: Typical jerk bait rod.

Matt Arey: Yeah, and I'm the same way. I got to where I just like longer rods for about everything. I feel like I get a little bit more distance and leverage out of it but, I use seven footers and I'll use most of the time I'll use a medium action. If I go up to something super heavy, sometimes I'll go to a seven two medium.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Matt Arey: Some seven two or seven three medium, medium heavy, some medium heavys are more like mediums, it's depends on the brand but, Louis has got a seven foot medium that I love. I actually was throwing it Friday up at Norman and it's funny we started fishing. We went to Norman the other day, Friday, and we caught a bunch of fish but, we never caught any big ones but the first stretch I pulled into and I guess it's because it was early and I picked up a little jerk bait and I picked up five in like six casts. Then I never had a bite on a jerk bait the rest of the day.

Shane Lehew: They've been biting early.

Matt Arey: Yeah I guess it was an early deal. There wasn't any wind either [crosstalk 00:40:18] day so, I think [crosstalk 00:40:20].

Jeff Walsh: Your roommate just joined us.

Matt Arey: My roommate? My roommate is my wife.

Jeff Walsh: Oh.

Matt Arey: Hammerberry, is Hammerberry on? My roommate on the road. I got you. Hammerberry's on so that's cool. What's up Scott? Buddy Black's watching, what's up Buddy? Thanks for tuning in. Craig Chambers must've tuned in because Kylie Weston mentioned that he said the real deal [crosstalk 00:40:46]. The crap taking's already started. If y'all don't know what we're talking about, Craig finished second behind Hank Cherry and his tournament partner this past weekend. They both cracked a giant bag of fish. Anytime you crack 16 pounds on Norman, that's good but they both cracked over 18. Pretty awesome. How are the rest of the weights on the Winter Trail Tournament?

Shane Lehew: I think Sunday they were really good.

Matt Arey: Okay. Isn't that funny.

Shane Lehew: I didn't fish this weekend so I don't really know.

Matt Arey: So Hank's lucky that you just decided to sit out?

Shane Lehew: No, no. I haven't caught 18 and a half pounds in I'm not sure. Last year.

Matt Arey: Shane took me to Norman one time and we won a tournament. Thrift was fishing that tournament too, I just wanna throw that in there.

Shane Lehew: We won by a couple pounds.

Matt Arey: We won by a couple pounds, we had 18 something and you know that joker ain't invited me back to a fishing tournament with him since. Can you believe that Jake?

Jake Whitaker: I believe it.

Matt Arey: Do you believe it?

Jake Whitaker: I can believe that.

Shane Lehew: Grandpa won't let me fish with anybody anymore.

Matt Arey: Oh, is that what it is?

Shane Lehew: Yeah. I'm fine with it. I'm the net man now.

Matt Arey: He'll beat you on your own juice.

Shane Lehew: Yeah he will.

Matt Arey: Gotcha.

Shane Lehew: I just hold the dipper, that's it.

Matt Arey: Kevin Clark said have you guys ever experimented with the single hooks to replace treble hooks? Absolutely 150% no. I don't say that being a smart butt but, if I could throw three hooks, I'll never throw a single hook. If I could put a treble hook on my jig, I'd probably do it but, keep it from getting hung up you know? That's not going to happen. What about y'all?

Jake Whitaker: No.

Matt Arey: I imagine if there's any bait in your box that has treble hooks on it, you're not going to switch it out to a single one.

Jake Whitaker: It's going to keep trebles.

Matt Arey: Yeah, it's going to keep trebles. Yeah Micheal Cate, that is a good rod, that seven eleven Losemount Crush all purpose six five to one. Awesome for jerk baits. Absolutely. Benjamin Ought's watching, appreciate it Benjamin. What reel and rod do you guys use for chatter bait setup? We're getting a lot of rod and reel setup questions tonight.

Matt Arey: I'm a seven three medium heavy, similar to what my spinner bait setup was before. Now I do like ... because it's so hard for me to slow down sometimes and I get a lot more bites on a chatter bait when I tend to slow it down but, sometimes I have to go to a lower gear ratio reel so I'll go to a six eight one or six three one. That's what I'll throw mine on is a seven three medium heavy. What about y'all?

Jake Whitaker: Seven two medium heavy.

Matt Arey: Seven two?

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Matt Arey: So very similar.

Shane Lehew: Yeah, seven three medium heavy or if I'm fishing heavy grass I'll go to a seven six medium heavy actually a lot now.

Matt Arey: Okay. To pop it loose easier where you don't have to work as hard.

Shane Lehew: Yeah, yep.

Matt Arey: It makes sense. Jeff Mackey said to tell you to tell grandpa that the secret bait smoked him on Mountain Island on Sunday. It's out now, what's the secret bait?

Shane Lehew: I don't even know.

Matt Arey: Oh my gosh.

Shane Lehew: Like I have no idea.

Matt Arey: Can you believe this? Do you believe this?

Shane Lehew: I think he came in the tackle store when grandpa was working, grandpa just let it all out. Just told everybody.

Matt Arey: Probably something y'all sell huh?

Shane Lehew: Yeah, something we got in the store.

Matt Arey: Of course.

Jake Whitaker: Just everybody knows ...

Matt Arey: So you sell it but you won't tell us what it is?

Shane Lehew: I really don't know, I don't know what Jeff bought.

Jake Whitaker: I spent two years at UNC Charlotte with Shane and nothing's changed.

Matt Arey: He's not Thrift status, but he's like a hybrid. He's got a little Thrift blood in him. A little tight lipped. Cobb's always ... he's just been straight up forward and honest and...

Shane Lehew: Yeah, that's why we work well together.

Matt Arey: Because he gives you everything and you give him nothing. That's a pretty good relationship for you because he's still ... he still catches them and then you catch them.

Shane Lehew: Yeah, he figures them out in practice because I never do.

Matt Arey: Yeah, if ain't broke.

Jake Whitaker: Same.

Matt Arey: Don't try to fix it right? What kind of braid do y'all use? Brian I use the P line TCB braid. I use the eight carrier for my spinning rods, I usually use 15 pound and one thing I do on braid with spinning rods is I'm always using something that's a vis color whether it's a chartreuse or white or whatever it is. What I use is a high vis yellow, it's kind of like a chartreuse color. That's because whether I'm wacky worming or even drop shot, it doesn't matter, I just always like to know exactly where my liter starts and know exactly where I can see my line and fishing a shaky head when there's a little bow in it, I can just pick up on it a lot easier. Maybe it's because I'm older than y'all too. I don't know, my eyesight's getting bad but, what about y'all?

Jake Whitaker: I like the high vis but, I'm also just joined P line.

Matt Arey: Awesome, well welcome aboard Jake and we know you're a Berkley guy but what size ... is that what he is? He just wanted to know what kind of braid. So you're using ...

Shane Lehew: There's new braid coming out and honestly I used to be P line or PowerPro guy for braid.

Matt Arey: Okay, yep. And PowerPro is good too.

Shane Lehew: Yep. They've come out with a new braid that's very similar to those so I feel real comfortable with it. One's a slicker braid like what you talked about, it's called the X9 then there's more course braid kind of like PowerPro.

Matt Arey: Yep.

Shane Lehew: And that's what I tend to lean towards just for comfort is that X5.

Matt Arey: But you like the slicker stuff on your spinning reels and things like that?

Shane Lehew: I throw ... nope.

Matt Arey: Really?

Shane Lehew: X5.

Matt Arey: You like the stiffer stuff?

Shane Lehew: Yep.

Matt Arey: Okay. Now why is that?

Shane Lehew: I don't know, just have always been comfortable with it [crosstalk 00:45:59] and I throw 10 most of the time.

Matt Arey: Yeah, I'll throw 10 a lot.

Shane Lehew: So I don't lose casting that much.

Matt Arey: The only reason I throw 15 is because a lot of times I'm using an eight pound liter and sometimes I'm using a 10 pound liter. I hate using a six pound liter I know guys on the west coast are big with lighter liters but, I always like ... my diameter of my line, the better that they match up I always feel like the better that knot cinches down. You know what I mean?

Jake Whitaker: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Matt Arey: If you got a six pound flora and a 65 pound braid, you try to tie that knot, I just don't trust it. The closer you can get in the diameters of line, when you're tying a knot, I always think that that's better. Better for longevity and strength, both.

Matt Arey: I saw a question about am I going to be down at fishing at Bass Open. From Steve Smith, said are you going to be fishing the Bass Open on the Harris chain next week? I'm not fishing in the Opens this year. Just the Elites. Jake you're not fishing the opens are you?

Jake Whitaker: No, I'm not.

Matt Arey: Okay. And I know you're not fishing in the opens, correct? Are y'all doing any Costas or anything other than the Elite series?

Jake Whitaker: No.

Matt Arey: Okay, all right. Favorite search bait. That's a good question from Casey Grimm. What y'all's faculty search bait just when you go out looking for a bite trying to find a group of fish? Favorite search bait? I mean there's a lot of them out there but if you could pick one Shane?

Shane Lehew: Mine would be some type of crank bait or top water just depend on what time of year.

Matt Arey: Okay, yeah.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Matt Arey: Same?

Jake Whitaker: This time of year jerk bait for me.

Matt Arey: Yeah, jerk bait's always a good way just to get a bit whether it's from a runt or a giant.

Jake Whitaker: Yep.

Matt Arey: And you can cover a lot of water with it. It'll work you a little harder than a crank bait sometimes but, I'm with Shane, I love throwing, certain times of year I like throwing a buzz bait or a plopper or something like that, that I could cover a lot of water with fast. Or sometimes a little old bandit 200 or something that you know will get a bite that you can cover a lot of water with very quickly.

Matt Arey: Logan Taylor, I have not thrown the Fritz Lou's crank and stick yet but, I've got several of the ledge series rods that just came in from Lou's. Some of the Mark Row signature stuff. I haven't got a chance to throw them yet but, I'll be using them here soon. They feel good and I just got my reels on them and got them lined up. I'm excited to get out and test them.

Matt Arey: Super cold water, Ron Montgomery said, this is a good question for you Shane. Super cold water, let's just say it's clear for argument sake, best retrieve for an Alabama rig, blades or no blades?

Shane Lehew: I usually always go blades.

Matt Arey: You always go blades no matter how clear the water is?

Shane Lehew: Most of the time I do. Now if it's slick, calm, super clear, then yeah you can go no blades but, slower the better. I always feel like [crosstalk 00:48:41] especially with the cold, yeah.

Matt Arey: Yeah, I agree. Are you an Alabama rigger Jake?

Jake Whitaker: No.

Matt Arey: Okay.

Jake Whitaker: I don't like them.

Matt Arey: I'm not either that's why directed that ... he didn't address Shane in particular but that's why I shot that question over to him. Baits, what baits do you guys throw on a five four to one reel when you go to a five four to one, what baits are you throwing on that gear ratio?

Jake Whitaker: Crank baits but, I'm still ...

Matt Arey: But mainly big stuff or all ...

Jake Whitaker: Yeah, big stuff but I'm still a low sixes. I don't ...

Matt Arey: Right.

Jake Whitaker: The five four is great for the big, big 10XDs, that kind of stuff. But, for whatever reason, I'm still [crosstalk 00:49:24].

Matt Arey: That's the only time I've thrown a fiver four and I've got a couple of them, and it's for really only two or three baits out there. One is a big giant swim bait head like an ounce to an ounce and a half. Something that I'm wanting to crawl on the bottom. It forces me to keep it on the bottom as opposed to picking it up too quick in a 10XD. Or some of the giant crank baits like the old dirty 30 by Mann. [crosstalk 00:49:48]. That old dirty 30, the big giant crank baits but, other than that I'm like Jake, I'm a six to one guy.

Shane Lehew: I'm the same, yeah.

Matt Arey: Do you use any five to ones Shane?

Shane Lehew: I've actually just got some wenches in, the five four to one and I played with it a little bit but, I think ... I feel like that six three or whatever for shallow diving crank bait and I haven't been deep cranking with one yet but ...

Matt Arey: Right.

Shane Lehew: But that's exactly what I think it will be good for.

Matt Arey: Okay.

Shane Lehew: Six and ten XD, stuff like that.

Matt Arey: All right. Brad Williams said he's buying his first boat. What are the key things I should be looking for? Honestly, looking beyond obviously good price.

Shane Lehew: Make sure it floats.

Matt Arey: Yeah, make sure it floats. I don't know what you're in the market for Brad but, Angler's Choice, they're unmatched in my opinion with customer service and not just taking care of you before the sale but, having a good service department and people that you know are going to be there for you after the sale. That's one thing that Angler's Choice has always impressed me with is they'll take good care of you. They got good mechanics at all locations. That's the one thing that I take a lot of pride in is just knowing that I'm going to be well taken care of after I purchase a boat. You can buy the same boat at a lot of different locations but you won't get the same service and that's the deciding factor for me. What about y'all?

Jake Whitaker: And I've got to go back on what you said about Angler's Choice, I just joined those guys this year and just the short time that I've dealt with them, they have been nothing but great to me and I have 100% confidence they'd do that for anybody else out there, not just us.

Matt Arey: It's an awesome group of people man. I tell you. What time we getting to Jeff?

Shane Lehew: 7:53.

Matt Arey: 7:53. We do have two giveaways tonight. Did I do that right? Two giveaways tonight. We have two different questions. I don't even know what one of the questions is because Jeff came up with it and he pretty much gave me the look that don't you dare ask it because this is my deal.

Jeff Walsh: No, it's a fishing question. It's not hard.

Matt Arey: It's probably something making fun of me or something. That's why you won't tell me what it is.

Jeff Walsh: I don't have to ask it.

Matt Arey: All right. Anthony Randal said, will get to the questions here in about five minutes guys. Thanks for tuning in, we're up to 300 something viewers tonight which is awesome. Jake and Shane have been great guests. Keeps shooting your questions here we got time for a few more questions. Anthony said that's a huge liter, I like six and eight pound liter with an FG knot.

Matt Arey: Very rarely do I go to six. I use eight a lot, very rarely do I go to six. Do y'all every use six pound liters much anymore? A lot of the places we go don't really dictate that we have to use stuff that small.

Jake Whitaker: No.

Shane Lehew: No, I use it some. I did at St. Clair actually on my drop shot and I think I was actually [crosstalk 00:52:35] visually seeing fish.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Shane Lehew: Eating Mayflies and stuff and there was a ton of boats around me.

Jake Whitaker: Yep.

Shane Lehew: I think there was two keys. One was that new flat worm from Berkley actually Cobb was begging me for. I had 19 and a half pounds in like 13 minutes. He's like all right, that's it, just come bring me some now.

Jake Whitaker: Give me some worms.

Shane Lehew: Yeah. I think also it was the six pound liter that I got a few more bites than everybody else. You could see, it was slick calm that second day.

Matt Arey: Yeah, and I could see that in super clear water and super high pressure situations, especially when there's a lot of money on the line. Last thing I wanna do is go down to six pound line when I'm dealing with four pound small mouth but ...

Shane Lehew: It was testy but you just take your time.

Matt Arey: You're not going to land them if you don't hook them.

Shane Lehew: No. That's right.

Matt Arey: That's a good way to look at. Go to confidence baits Elijah Brown said ... What was that?

Shane Lehew: I think he's looking for the mouse already.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Shane Lehew: He just ate something off the top.

Matt Arey: We got to talking about mice.

Shane Lehew: Look at him.

Matt Arey: He does see something, it's the bubbles, he's trying to attack the bubbles from the aerator in there isn't he? Your confidence bait, Elijah Brown wants to know y'all's confidence bait. Number one confidence bait. Jake you first.

Jake Whitaker: 100% after the bass get done spawning, it's a frog, 100%.

Matt Arey: A frog? That your confidence bait, I like it.

Jake Whitaker: 100%.

Matt Arey: I like it. Shane?

Shane Lehew: Mine's either going to be a jig or a shaky head.

Matt Arey: I know what Bryan would say but, I'm not going to say it because this will be the first show in the history of us talking fish where that was not mentioned. So we're not going to mention it. [crosstalk 00:54:04] He can talk about it next week for an hour if he wants to, he'll be back.

Shane Lehew: I know what he would say too.

Matt Arey: Bryan will be back next week. We have a couple surprises for you guys in store. One is we'll have some mice to feed Mr. Wilson and two, we get to hear Thrift talk about his third place finishes in Rayburn and how they smashed them down there, and I mean smashed them like not just catching big ones, but catching tons of fish. It'll be a great show next Tuesday. Let's see, James Wiley, Mark Rose went to MFL, Ben answered your question for you. He was wondering where Rose went.

Matt Arey: He did go to the BPT. Let's see, T.J. O'Connor, we got a couple references tonight for our Angler's Choice Marine guys, thanks for tuning in T.J. verified what Jake and I both said, buy from ACM and they do take good care of you after the sale. Keep on rolling. Kevin said Angler's Choice are excellent, they treated me great. Dell Phillips, I'm impressed with Angler's Choice, man we didn't have to say anything about Angler's Choice, all the viewers are pretty much taking care of it for us. What? Ron Montgomery asks ... oh, we're not saying that word tonight Ron, we're not saying damiki or hummingbird or anything since Thrift's not here. We'll ask that question to Bryan next week when he's back though.

Jeff Walsh: Me and Matt.

Matt Arey: Me and Matt. Me and Jake and Shane, we had a good evening. Do what? I wasn't listening? Do what? Do what? I wasn't listening. I don't ever listen to you Matt. I hope he's watching. Man I hope he's watching. Can we send giveaways up to Canada? Absolutely Kirk, if you win the giveaway, it's coming to Canada.

Matt Arey: All right, Grant Hack said did you get my email? Did he send you an email Jeff?

Jeff Walsh: I don't know.

Matt Arey: Do we have an email?

Jeff Walsh: Did you already read that question?

Matt Arey: Oh.

Jeff Walsh: Is that who it's from?

Matt Arey: Is that from Grant?

Jeff Walsh: I don't know.

Matt Arey: No, that's from Nate. By the way, I didn't mention this earlier,

Jeff Walsh: Did not get your email.

Matt Arey: Sorry Grant, apparently we didn't ...

Jeff Walsh: I will look for it.

Matt Arey: We didn't check it but Jeff said he's going to check it. All right, Angela Henson, Mayo's on, hey Angela, she said she agrees with us on the Angler's Choice deal too. Shane and Jake both came up through the college ranks. They fished at UNC Charlotte, how many years did y'all spend together there? One? Was it just one?

Shane Lehew: Yeah I think it was just one.

Jake Whitaker: Yeah.

Matt Arey: Just one but what an awesome deal and now they're both full-time tour pros. Jeff's over there laughing because he saw something funny and apparently I missed it.

Jeff Walsh: He want's me to say me and Matt again.

Matt Arey: Dude I'm rolling, just say me and Matt again. Say it in Bryan's accent.

Jeff Walsh: Me and Matt.

Matt Arey: One more time.

Jeff Walsh: Me and Matt.

Matt Arey: All right, thank you. Good enough. Dang, I lost my train of thought again. Thanks Jeff. Back to the question. We did have one pre-show question that I meant to address. This one is from Nate, he said it's for Thrift but, since Thrift's not here, we're going to let Shane and Jake answer it. The college bass series is going to several new big bodies of water. Lake Norman end of February, Smith Lake end of March, Bullself into April and St. Lawrence River end of June. For such huge bodies of water, in little time, because we know the college guys don't have a lot of practice time with their schedules. How do you ... good Lord, I'm talking like Thrift now. How you narry down that body ... how do you narrow down such a big body of water in just a few day's time?

Jake Whitaker: For me practice wise, if I'm getting a few days, I just try to breakdown a certain section of the lake the best I can.

Matt Arey: As opposed to running around [crosstalk 00:57:44].

Jake Whitaker: Yes. I try to do my research, try to figure out where theoretically the best places may be or past history, whatever they may be but, I try to pick a general area of the lake and try to break it down as best as I can as opposed to just running around everywhere.

Matt Arey: Right. Shane?

Shane Lehew: Yeah, I agree with that 100%. Especially if you've only got ... let's say he's got a day and a half, something like that. If you've got three days, Norman, you can break down the whole lake pretty much in three days.

Matt Arey: Yeah, absolutely. And ... go ahead, finish what you're saying and I'll give them a quick tip.

Shane Lehew: Yeah, I would say like Jake said, do some research, research water color and stuff like that and go with your strengths. If you're a river fisherman, if you're there a time of year where the river can play, go fish the river. Don't go down there in the clear water and chase what everybody else is doing.

Jake Whitaker: yeah.

Matt Arey: Right, agree 100% and I'm going to tell you guys, I don't know how y'all's team was, UNC Charlotte but a lot of the teams are big enough that they don't just send one team to these events. That's why you're a team guys, take advantage of your team members. One of you go to the river, if two guys on the team are really strong shallow dirty water fisherman, send them to the river first day of practice. Or the only day of practice if you only have one day.

Matt Arey: The guys that are more comfortable with the spinner rods and the finesse presentation, send them to the dam, y'all work together to breakdown a lake quicker and that's what a lot of us do on tour. We have somebody we can rely on that we can breakdown a body of water twice as fast as opposed to being by ourselves or just one team. If you have that advantage, use it. Use your other teammates and lean on them as much as you can to breakdown a big body of water a lot quicker.

Matt Arey: All right, we gotta ... I know it's time for the trivia, right Jeff?

Jeff Walsh: it is 8:01.

Matt Arey: 8:01, all right so, first trivia question of the night is for an Angler's Choice high performance hoodie, an Angler's Choice Marine custom 25th anniversary hat, and did we get permission from Tater Hog to give his bill away?

Shane Lehew: He never answered. He's probably asleep. He didn't answer.

Matt Arey: Okay, well we're not going to give his hat away without his permission so, the first trivia question that Jeff is in charge of is for the Angler's Choice hoodie and the Angler's Choice hat. Jeff is going to ask it and Jeff am I in charge of the feed since you're asking the question since normally it's the other way around.

Jeff Walsh: No, I can answer the feed. I had a couple more questions about the stickers. Stickers are on the way, you're getting more than just a sticker, more than an LTF decal, we had to coordinate Thrift's schedule, ordering some special things, Matt's schedule so, Thrift's going to finish his part up probably tomorrow or the next day and then all those decals will go out. Again, you're getting more than just a free decal, and they're coming, I promise.

Matt Arey: Kevin asked me if we'll have any Let's Talk Fish decals or hats for sale at Angler's Choice open house, we reordered hats right?

Jeff Walsh: We did.

Matt Arey: Okay, I may Kevin, I may try to bring at least 10 or 15, maybe 20 to the Angler's Choice open house and setup a little table there and we'll try to have some hats there. I don't know about decals, if we got some extra decals I'll bring some decals too.

Jeff Walsh: I know a guy that can print some.

Matt Arey: You know a guy? All right, here we go. Second trivia question that I'm going to be in charge of will be for a BASS membership, a one year Bass Master membership that will give you the magazine subscription, tackle pack, all the goodies. Jeff it's your turn, can you handle this? You've never done a trivia question before.

Jeff Walsh: This is going to be super difficult but it's super fitting.

Matt Arey: Is is really going to be super difficult? We going to be here till like 8:30 trying to guess?

Jeff Walsh: If it takes more than three seconds, there's a problem.

Matt Arey: Okay, all right. All right, here we go, first trivia question, shoot Jeff.

Jeff Walsh: How many years has Angler's Choice Marine been in business? Exactly. This should already be answered. 22.6 pounds, no. [crosstalk 01:01:37].

Matt Arey: Did they understand what you said?

Jeff Walsh: How many years has Angler's Choice Marine been in business?

Matt Arey: Why does it say 93.6? 22. I love our viewers because a lot of times they'll just [crosstalk 01:01:51] we'll be halfway through a [crosstalk 01:01:56].

Jeff Walsh: Large.

Matt Arey: Johnny Large is the winner.

Jeff Walsh: 25 years.

Matt Arey: 25 years.

Jeff Walsh: And it's fitting because we announced in on the show tonight, there's a big sign in our window there that says 25th anniversary.

Matt Arey: It's on the hats.

Jeff Walsh: We have a 25th anniversary ...

Matt Arey: It's on the shirt.

Jeff Walsh: Giveaway.

Matt Arey: Yep.

Jeff Walsh: A 25th anniversary hat.

Matt Arey: All right, Johnny Large send us your shipping information, your address, phone number just in case we need to get in touch with you. I'm going to forward that to Trent up there in Martinsville Angler's Choice and he will send you out a hoodie, we need to know your size, we'll send you out a hoodie and a hat and get you taken care of. On to the next trivia question.

Matt Arey: Where did my trivia question go? I'm losing my papers around or is that me that's doing that? Don't look at me like that.

Jeff Walsh: I'm trying to remember the answer.

Matt Arey: Oh yeah.

Jeff Walsh: I know it.

Matt Arey: You might need to know it [crosstalk 01:02:48] no you don't. Don't show the camera. All right. Here we go. Todd Thompson said what's up Jake? Question for the BASS membership giveaway, guys we already have an answer for the other one. On route, we argued about this earlier, is it route or route?

Jake Whitaker: Route.

Jeff Walsh: Pecan, pecan.

Jake Whitaker: Route.

Matt Arey: It's route, see? He's trying to make me look stupid.

Jake Whitaker: Route.

Matt Arey: It's route. On route to ... now are you trying to make me look stupid? On route to winning the 2018 BASS rookie of the year title, what was Jake's highest finish and what body of water was it on? On route, not route, I like route better. On route to winning the 2018 BASS rookie of the year title, what was Jake's highest finish and what body of water was it on? Ready, set, go. People are sending in their sizes. This is hilarious, it's killing me.

Matt Arey: Johnny Large make sure you send us a message to our Facebook page on your size that you need, your shipping information and drop us your phone number just in case we need to get in touch with you for any reason. Kenny Mathis said Johnny Large robbed him.

Jeff Walsh: It's what place and the body of water.

Matt Arey: I know how to spell it Anthony, I just didn't know how to pronounce. I think, yeah I had route down. [crosstalk 01:04:22] we don't even ... all right guys I need his finish.

Jeff Walsh: Yeah, it's starting to come in finish and the body of water.

Matt Arey: And the location, the body of water that it was on. I'll give them a hint if they don't get it very quickly. Weren't you finish [crosstalk 01:04:34].

Jeff Walsh: Ryan Montgomery is the winner on my feed.

Matt Arey: Ryan Montgomery, yep. That's what I got too.

Shane Lehew: That's unusual.

Jeff Walsh: Fifth place Sevine river.

Matt Arey: Fifth place, Joey Randall said 150th Moss lake. He oughta get something just for that. That's awesome. All right, Ryan Montgomery you are the winner of the Bass membership, send us a message, send me your same thing that we asked from Johnny, send us your address, all your shipping information so we can get you hooked up with that BASS membership package.

Matt Arey: Guys thanks so much for watching. Jake so much for being here.

Jake Whitaker: Yes, absolutely, thanks for having me.

Matt Arey: Shane, thanks for being here.

Shane Lehew: Yes sir. Absolutely.

Matt Arey: Again, and we're going to go grab some grub but, in the meantime, when ... what do we say Jeff? We can't go fishing, we're going to sit right here on Tuesday nights and talk fishing.

Jeff Walsh: Absolutely.

Matt Arey: We'll see y'all next week. Bryan Thrift will be back in the house talking about his third place finish at Rayburn, catch y'all later.

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